@Riot: Dominion, balancing, Tournaments, 5 Questions, nothing else

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Mr Dean

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1.Will you have both Dominion and Classic tournaments, or will Dominion just remain a fun to play alternative with Classic taking the spotlight when it comes to sanctioned Tournaments?

2. If Dominion continues to be as successful as it is (From everyone I've talked to, at least) do you think that Classic may fall out of the fan's eyes and Dominion will take over as your Go-To Tourney game?

3. Will certain champions be rebalanced to be fair in both Classic and Dominion? Or is it intended for certain champions to be powerful on one map and less so on another?

4. What are your current thoughts on Dominion and Globals? Do you feel that they are balanced?

5. I think we know the answer, but is there going to be a seperate Ranked ladder for Dominion and Classic or will your ELO represent your skill in both?

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I've got lots of the same questions