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League of Legends Tips

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this actually helps

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It is a nice idea but 50 pages.
Would be great if it could be compiled into a more cohesive list.
Im not tryng to hate on the thread, puhleeeaasse, just mentioning an idea that might have some merit. Time i so very precious for many newer players with jobs and kids, the folks who dont just have hours every day to spend reading forum posts.
|Just a thought to make it a bit better maybe eery 10-15 pages there could be a post compiling the good ideas that hae been mentioned in the preious pages.

Heres my noobie help tip. Learn to play with the camera unlocked.It seems super hard at first if youe always played locked, but I have a trick that makes it easier
In case you don't know the [Y] key unlocks the camera, pressing [Y] again turns camera lock back on
When I started learning to play with the camera unlocked(I feel it really is essential if you want to learn how to really see the map)... it was a huge help to simply holddown the space bar with my LH thumb, essentially turning locked camera on for as long as you hold the [Spacebar], release the [Spacebar] it goes back to unlocked/free camera mode. I still use it in them cluster muck team fights when your doing 3 or 4 thimgs at the same time already.

Doing this one thing,(using my thumb on the [SB]) made learning to play unlocked a LOT easie. Try it, it just might work for you too, and good luck, playing unlocked takes a lot of getting used to, so dont give up right away, it might take a couple of weeks till you strt to feel more comfortable doing it, but trust me, youll grow as a player.
Have fun, and remeber it just a game, we all need more fun in our lives.