Bug: music stopped at 11:00 and then crashed

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I was playing a simple dominion game, at around 11 minutes, which i think is the point when the music changes, it stopped. it just faded out. I played in silence for about 2 more minutes before i decided to into my sounds and Disable All Sounds and reenable - which caused the music to start again, but it started from the beginning, instead of picking up at the appropriate point. then, after another minute or two, legends crashed (i assume because the game was looking to switch the music and freaked out because the timestamp of the game didnt match the timestamp of the music)

a bug splat program popped up and i submitted it.
crash report is #1762675


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Jack Oat

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That might explain why i dont hear music in some of my games, RIOT this is really important! Dominion music is like half the experience and without it, i feel so empty when playing T^T