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Another way to play w/ Mac [Guide}

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Junior Member


Hey guys. This method had been working perfectly fine for me so i hope this will also help couple millions players out there, too =].

1) Update the North America client (if necessary)
2) Create a new account for EU West sever.
3) Load client as EU West server with EU west account instead of North America. (let it update if necessary)
4) Once you login, the client will open the game normally as EU client. Exit the client.
5) Re-login with North America sever this time along your North America account.

*I believe you don't have to go through this process every time you play, just every time update require.

I'm not quite sure how this been working for me but my guess is that the update of EU sever will interfere with North America server and create room for mistake. Let me know if this method is working for anyone else. If it doesn't, i'm sorry =/.

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or you could just download the new boom client

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btw, this method doesn't work.
just saying.