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Akali the Mordekaiser of Dominion

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Why is that?

What is going on in the minds of those people complaining?

I quote a very good post from another thread :

She's pretty much absolute **** on Dominion. Every Akali I've seen, which is most every game, I completely stomp. Because Lightbringer and other items completely make her useless. And I tell my teammates to buy such items and they never do. Soon as more people in the general populous realize how much she sucks in this game mode, the better we can move on with our lives.

I tell people who play Akali to switch the hell out of it or we'll just lose. And every Akali I've ended up playing with on my team feeds because it's the enemy that knows how to counter her. Not to mention they (the Akali's on my team) all think Dom is about kills and not CAPTURING AND HOLDING.
At least with Shaco he has a built-in blink for escape. and Eve can still find a way to slink away since her stealth is much more perm. than Akalis.
Funnily enough, the anti-stealth items hurt Akali more than any other stealth character in the game.

Shaco's got blink. Eve and Twitch got long-lasting stealth even after being revealed. Vayne has moderate mobility. Talon can juke quite well, as can Kat. Akali NEEDS her shroud to juke well and with her being seen, she's screwed. She has no way to blink or any long-lasting escape mobility. She's one of the worst picks for Dominion. Period. I hate people who choose her. >_>

Almost all you need is in that post.
OR just play Draft Mode.

I smell the blood dripping off of the nerf bat for some champs like Akali or Jax ...