Global Ults

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Riot has been moving away from global ults in favor of a more nocturn-like system where they are no longer global but simply a long range ability centered on the champion. This has worked wonders on champs like TF and Pantheon, and I really like this system. The problem is that Karthus and Soraka still have their global ults, and worse still is that they take no skill! With panth or TF you had to be careful about where to land and it could backfire easily if done poorly but there is NO DOWNSIDE to Karthus or Soraka. I think riot simply forgot to change these when using their new model for formerly global abilities. GP isn't such a problem because his ult has to be aimed and he is much less popular than the other champs I have mentioned (at least in the 1500 elo range), but he should be changed as well. Teleport is also global and has the same channel time as the formerly-global ults use. Its even become a staple on "zombie karth". In short, the surviving globals are OP!

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The problem with Panth and TF (arguably Shen) is that the champion goes with them. That really turns the tables and skews the game in a way that Riot doesn't like. Shen escaped the nerf because he's limited to saving an ally, so he can't backdoor your nexus.

If you want to get rid of Karthus or Soraka ults, you also need to get rid of GP, Ashe, Ezreal, and all the other large range ones.

Also GP is about twenty times more common than Karthus. What game are you playing? o_O