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The Un-Official Official guide to Dominating in Dominion

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Hello, my name is Treetop and i have been playing league for i don't even know how long now, a year or two. I am a veteran gamer going back to the days of atari. I played wow since day 1 all the way until cataclysm and even then during cata a good bit. I was around for the original honor system with GM/HWL titles.

Arathi basin was my favorite BG to play in and Dominion is incredibly similar. Dom is also very different from summoner’s rift and so far in my games of dom i have seen some pretty horrible play. I decided to write a quick guide on how to not fail, some possible team comps, and some tips to help people who are lost or confused in the game mode have a good time.

Some of the things i see people do is;

Tower dive at level 3
A bad idea honestly, it gives the enemy 100g and some xp over you (it adds up over time) and it moves you out of position.

Run up and try to solo-backdoor cap a point

Generally, unless you’re the ninja (see team comp below) the enemy team will just run up to you and defend it, the tower will shoot you as you tower dive the guy defending, you will die, and then that defender will return tot he front line, your time being completely wasted and hurting your team overall.

Deaths don't matter

They do. If i am on akali and my score is 24-5-30 and i have killed even a paltry 10 minion waves that is over 3,000 gold i have gotten ABOVE what everyone else gets for GP5 on dom. That is the difference between me having a tri force and sanguine blade or me having a triforce and TWO sanguine blades. It means while your trynd is finishing his ghostblade i am already there and past finish my triforce.

Minions don't matter

Also false. Minions matter alot. Right out of the gate i generally go bottom lane and the first thing i do? Push minion waves. Why? 1) It gives me some farm to get a little ahead of others. 2) It keeps me in position to defend my point 3) Last hitting and tanking the minions keeps my minions alive. If i can build the allied minion wave up to say 3 tanks and 6 casters and then i promote one of the tanks, when the minions DO reach the enemy point they will cap the tower *FOR ME*. I need do nothing.

The gold from the minions means less than the ability minions possess to actually take points. The point in last hitting the minions is to give YOUR minions a chance to build up. If you pushed super hard you would reach the enemy point with only 3-5 minions. Ideally you want 6-12 to ensure an easy cap.

The minions are tanky enough the enemy champ won’t be able to insta gib them, and the minions will focus the tower 100% of the time when they can. So while the minions are capping the point, i am free to cast garrison on the enemy point and *THEN* tower dive them for a kill.

Thank you minions. You did well.

Time to solo-cap

That said there IS an appropriate time to just run past minions and cap. And that is when the enemy is horribly out of position. 4 pushing top and 1 just died? Run up and cap. 5 pushing top? Then your ninja can free cap while the other 4 of u slow them down. 3 at windmill 1 getting mid buff and 1 dead? Go ahead and cap.

Just be aware of where the enemy is, how long it will take to cap, and decide. If there is ANY chance of you not capping due to them defending then just push the minions.


The way damage works in dominion, is if Red team has 3 points and Green team has 2 points then only green teams nexus will take ANY damage. Green teams nexus will take 1 point worth of damage every second because red has 3 and green has 2 leaving a 1 difference.

In this way, if the score is 52-450 the side with 52 points CAN STILL WIN. All they need to do is cap 3 points and hold them.

Don't be a road warrior

Road warriors in arathi basin were people who fought off of points and off in the road. This means don’t be an akali who just runs around the center of the map chasing kills in the jungle. Stick to points, if your not near a point, pick one and go there. If they’re in the jungle, let them run. Take a point instead.

~~~ QUESTS!~~~

At some point in the match it will say "Quest Received" you will see a box in the upper right corner telling you what the quest is. There is a defense quest and an offense quest. The enemy receives the same quest.

Basically, you want to focus your attacks onto the capture quest while defending the defense quest. If the enemy takes the point you are supposed to defend then they complete the quest and it goes away. If you take THEIR point then you complete it and it goes away.

First team to complete the quest deals INSTANT 20 damage to the enemy nexus as well as receiving a buff that gives their entire team +10% damage to all skills, attacks, and ability's. Sort of like a baron buff.

Completing quests is like getting a dragon or baron in summoners rift. It's a team objective and the first one to get it gets the reward.

~~~Team Comp~~~~

There are a lot of different teams you can go with, but the first thing to understand is that Ranged AD Carries aren’t carries anymore. They are assaulters. Tanks aren’t tanks anymore, their something else.

Rammus for example is not a tank, he is an Assaulter/Ninja. The three basic roles are

Assault - Attacking and capturing enemy points. Rammus, Garren, Chogath, Jarvan, Winzhao, Akali, anyone who is a pro at tower diving in SR or can burst champions down.

Defender - Anyone who can kite and hold a point from extreme range or has amazing ability to escape. Or is tanky as hell and can’t be brought down. Examples include Singed if farmed, tanky rammus, heimer dinger (turrets op) Karthus (his ghost makes it easy), gragas, lux, maokai, ect.

Ninja - The ninja is fast and does nothing much other than back-cap the enemy and defend against back caps on your own turf. Often the 2 ninjas will end up chasing each other around the jungle. Examples include Shaco, Teemo, Rammus, Kennen. Anyone who is super-fast and has either good juking ability or good 1v1 ability is a prime candidate.

An AP Shaco who stacks 2 boxes at each speed shrine while running around back capping is just crazy annoying.

All of this said there are other comps. Today i ran into team global, it was gangplank, pantheon, TF, nocturne, and ninja rammus. Was a very hard team to fight against.

~~~ Garrison and Promote ~~~

Garrison: Possibly the most useful spell ever. Imagine if you could cast fortify on the enemy tower in classic mode, only instead of protecting it it reduces the damage done by the tower by 80%. How much more often would you tower dive? All the time. How often do you dive in dominion? All the time. Garrison. Get it.

Promote: The less useful of the two is still incredibly powerful. If you think about how quickly minions can push a point, if you have a nice sized wave and right as they hit the tower you promote them, its almost a guarantee that the tower will be uncapped by minions alone.

The way minions cap a point is when they reach they capture point they literally lose hp and the tower loses a similar amount. Promoting one minion to have 2500 hp instead of 500 is awesome. it means he can solo cap it, it forces champions to kill it quickly letting the little guys do their thing to it, and if you play a champion like Alistair who can heal waves you can heal them while they cap the point essentially extending their overall life, letting you cap points even easier.

That’s all for now, if people like the guide i might add pictures and refine it. If i just get horribly downvoted for trying to help... well. oh well i guess.


Posted to general a few days ago but then i kinda remembered this forum exits so moved here.

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Really good guide.

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Beat me to it.

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thank you for making a guide. i've played dominion alot since the release and hopefully all the noobs that i have played with will read this guide and learn how to play Dom thank sooo much ^_^

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You should put some better backdoorers there.

Like zilean and Janna. They are way faster than shaco or kennen.