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Dominion needs some serious work

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I do agree with the tower part, they're useless by the time everyone's level 7 at around 2 or 3 minutes. I disagree with minions though, they push very quickly and are extremely helpful for avoiding skillshots and sneaking captures.

A lot of people talk about ninja-capturing with the minions but since the only path the minions can take is always visible to both teams they can always be aware of if a minion wave happens to come.

You can't exactly push up the lane with the minions either because, once again, you will be spotted. They will block skill shots yes, but considering they don't actually enter or pass by the towers (they come from and out towards the sides) enemy heros can still easily attack from the middle where there is no minion protection. If you want minion protection you have to go outside of the radius of the tower;which is a bit of a catch22.

Garrison is a decent offensive ability at the start of the game, but it's defensive use is poor and it quickly becomes unnecessary when your tank or initiator gets a health item and some defense.

The biggest problem I see is that defense is not a viable tactic because of the ease with which you can tower dive (burst champions also rain supreme as the turrent stops firing on defense as soon as the defender dies). It's not like in the other modes were 1-2 people can hold off 3-5 people at a tower during the beginning/middle of the game. The only way to defend points in dominion is numbers vs numbers.