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Entire Community Split

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I find it humorous that everyone is flinging **** back and forth across the room all because of one game mode that Riot is beta testing.

What Riot made a game mode I don't particularly enjoy? I'm going to make strongly opinionated post pointing out minuscule faults to piss off everyone that has fun playing the game.

What someone is badmouthing Dominion? They must be down voted into the pits of hell and told to just not play the game if they don't like it, because I can't think of a good counterargument.

Some of the posts are truly depressing. The PC community makes me sad at times, even though I love it.

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true story: 98% of the garbage people are posting about dominion being bad is just trolling
1% of it is sad people who can't like anything that's popular and so base their person on knowing always what is popular and doing the exact opposite to show how little they care

maybe the remaining 1% is people who actually don't like dominion. but most of those are simply dismissive opinions offering no real critique of the game mode, and so also just should be ignored