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More thoughts on Dominion

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Wong sama



Dominion 'meta' :

I see a lot of comments about the Dominion meta-game, personally, I don't think we're gonna find a gameplay that's "meta" anytime soon. Whenever a new champ is released it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 days for people to get a general idea of the character and/or a patch to get released. With Dominion, every character is new because their role on the battlefield changed and there is no 'one-way' to play in the crystal scar, unlike summoner's rift.

Because of the map layout, the vision, the no ward policy, the speed and the 'dominion ain't a farming game', games are more hectic and a bit less elitist. BUT, that doesn't mean doing whatever and 'knowing your character' is gonna win you games. I've seen many threads about roles and although I don't agree with everything in there, 95% of it is totally right. Although I don't one fixed way of playing this, I can definitely some guidelines on what's to be done.

Characters :

I love how every character feels fresh in Dominion, but I find it a bit disappointing that some of them feel useless compared to others. For now (FOR NOW), I feel like most casters are UTTERLY useless. Since you don't farm, ganks are easier to dodge and team fights are scarce, mages feel 'meh' on this map. For instance, what the hell can a Veigar do in this map? No farming, no power, no lat carrying, no team fights... Other mages are still viable, like Karthus. Even if he's got a slow movement speed, his wall can buy some time and his global can be used in more ways than one now.

In general, since the focus of the game is 'get points by capping mostly. killing helps a bit', knowing how and when to cap and playing champs that have great mobility will really help your team winning. Being a top player isn't about who's winning a lane or who's ganking the most, or kills and assists, it's about points. You get some for killing, neutralizing, capturing, defending. I played Twisted fate for the first time and I was MVP twice in a row, same thing with xin zhao. If you have trouble fighting champs or making a viable build, you should still be able to look at the mini map, use your geography skills and math and know where to hit, when and with who.

Oh and i really wanna play right about now