Dominion PvP

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LoL was originally balanced around 5v5 summoner's Rift and because of this certain champions in Dominion (mostly assassins) are a lot stronger then most champions in Dominion. Most casters are useless because they use their combo and then they are walking bags of air, just waiting to die because of their CD's. Auto attack champions dominate because they can deal constant dmg and usually they have faster run speed. Akali is probably the best champion for dominion because they are strong late game, which usually comes in a few minutes in dominion. They can take anyone down in 1v1 is they know what they are doing. But the biggest problem I have about Dominion is the buff that everyone has as a passive, the 15% armor pen, 5% magic pen buff. If they wanted to make people die faster why didn't they make a debuff that reduces everyone's armor, magic resist, and health by a flat amount that increases the longer the game persists. This way resistances wont be so useless, thereby making high dmg carries less one sided. Be honest, what kind of an assassin would build tanky in dominion? They usually build almost full dmg, so that armor and magic pen buff affects them less. It is by a percent after all so if an assassin has no resistances the pen buffs hardly make them squishier, while a tanky dps champion will become a lot squishier. And because these assassins do a lot more dmg they usually end up tanking from life steal/spell vamp.

Riot, to make this game mode more balanced the only thing you have to do is change the passive buff/debuff to affect stats by a flat amount. Thereby making tanky dps less useless and burst champions/assassins less overpowered in dominion.

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I found the pvp to be very exciting. I've played about 15 games I think, and Singed is by far my favorite to use. This game style is definitely champ specific, but so are 3's after all. I'm okay with the buffs. Riot doesn't want there to be a "best turtle team win meta." I agree completely with this and the buffs help to facilitate that not happening. I've only done the random draft so I've seen a lot of chaos so far, but I think it will smooth out into something lovely. Right now squishy ap is a liability, the quests are mostly ignored and under appreciated and people don't seem to know when to let a cap go and when to try and defend it. My biggest pet peeve is watching my team fail to a death ball. 3-4 enemy champs group up and start pushing together around the map and instead of punishing them by taking their undefended points, consequently breaking up the death-ball, they want to assault this scenario head on. Terrible and counter-intuitive to a capture and hold mentality.

I can't wait for it to be finally released. I think we will eventually see organized teams that DO have squishy AP defenders and high damage/highly mobile roamers that control mid and support defended points.

GG RIOT..I love this mode!