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Dominion have extreme imbalances.

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1. Champions are extremely imbalanced, tank and ad carry are stronger than ap champions, because aoe ability does nothing on this map, players are running the whole map, no team fight(5v5) at all.

2.Imbalance of the some stacked abilities: like nasus Q , sion E, veigar Q,etc, there is no time for them to kill the minions at all.

3.Item imbalance, rod of ages need 20 mins to get full stack, but the game only last about 20mins.

4.Riot already do too much to suit for the dominion, for example, they changed all the healers in the past patch(taric, soraka, sona , janna etc) in order to adjust to the new mode. THERE IS NO NEED AT ALL, because they were fine in the classic mode before that patch(V124, V125)。

5. Riot will keep changing everything in order to suit for the dominion, that does not worth it at all and affect the classic mode.

6.Dominion will disperse the players of LOL, it won't help riot.

Conclusion: Riot waste more than one year to work on dominion, seriously, i prefer a new map for classic mode.

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U can add to Number 2 Cho'Gath, maybe not to that extreme as those 3, but he needs 6 mins to get full stack without dying.

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That's why you need to build CDR on Cho'gath. Helps him get those Feast stacks up faster, but also makes him that much better at the role he's best suited for on Dominion; point defense.

Point 2 is a concern, but you simply need to adapt your item builds to compensate for the fact that you're not going to be able to farm up these infinitely scaling abilities.

I agree with Point 3 somewhat. Tear of the Goddess and associated items are also another culprit with certain mana dependent champs.

Point 4 is incorrect. They changed healing to cut down on the dominance of super sustain AD/support duo bot lanes and opening up more support picks that didn't have crazy sustain.

Point 5 is silly because they're primarily going to balance champs on Dominion based on the global map buffs and new items.