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@Brackah and UI designers: The point score shown at the top right of the screen.

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OK so...After playing a good amount of Dominion I want to start this topic saying that it's EXTREMELY fun! I've had a blast playing 5-man premades there!!! =D

The reason why I'm making this thread, though, is not to say how awesome Dominion is but to ask what exactly is the point of the the Score we see at the top right?

From personal experience I have never once looked up there to get my information. The score tells us nothing except how we are placing compared to the team and we need to open Tab anyway to see that. Also there is no "assisted in capturing/defending/neutralizing points marker anywhere inside the actual game. This is not summoner's rift where minions steal your tower kills but there is still no information.

I just want that space to be usable. The ranking literally tells us nothing except how we compare to our team and the top right info-bar doesn't do that. We need to open up the big scoreboard.

Kills/deaths/assists is probably never going to go there as that itself doesn't matter much on the game's outcome....Maybe put the captures there? Or I don't know what...But it feels like wasted space as the only time I can ever use that number is when I open up Tab.

Also one more gripe with the UI: I've found it hard to dinstinguish the little grey dots for Neutral points in the Dominion environment.

That being said Dominion is still awesome gameplay wise!

[EDIT] First off I edited the title, had Brackhar's name wrong...IT'S TOO EARLY FOR SUCH COMPLICATED NAMES!!!!!

*Grabs a cup of coffee*

[EDIT 2] Downvotes for making constructive critisism?

*single tear*

[EDIT 3] I just now realised that I can not edit the actual title!!! :<<<<<<

*bursts in tears at 10 in the morning!!!!!*