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Dominion Strategy - Teams & Roamer Meta

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Here's one idea for a Dominion meta:

Team 1 (Top) - Anivia + Xin e.g.
1 pusher/farmer
1 melee/assasin

Team 2 (Bot) Morgana + Garen e.g.
1 pusher/farmer
1 melee/assasin

Roamer (mid) Teemo, Rammus, Miss Fortune (someone fast)
Someone fast who can babysit mid
Who can support top and bot in defending and pushing
Who can warn of attacks mid so top or bot can aid if able (melees, farmers stay to defend)

The whole game's focus is to maintain a minimum of 3 nodes of course.
More if able, but that is stretching your team to far. Focus on 3.

That's it. What do you think? I've yet to put it into practice because most teams do whatever they want and run around in chaotic fashion. One thing seems to be certain. The teams that actually work together win, that is the underlying rule for winning. Teamwork.