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Some changes I'd like to see take place for Dominion:

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1.) Points should give more gold
When I say points, I mean the points that you gain for achieving objectives (the total shown on your games played list instead of K/D/A)

Something around 5 gold per point. Average game (using 20 minutes) ends with the median point being around 1000, making the gold gained for points ~5000.

2.) Passive gold gain is too high
You are rewarded less for active, intelligent play & more for dragging situations out when you have a slight global advantage.

If point 1 is implemented, passive gold gain should be reduced to 4-5 gold/sec down from 6gold/sec

3.) There should be more minions per wave, but with less health (damage potential per unit remains the same, so the attack potential is higher per wave)

Right now they are too inconsequential, and very difficult for non-carry characters to kill a few on their way to an objective.

Right now they're a binary factor for champions. You are either capable of killing them in 2-3 hits and can farm an easy 250g on the way to the point, or it takes you way too long and you have to just ignore them entirely except for the occasional easy last hit en route.

4.) Points are inconsequential individually (meaning each point aside from Windmill is non-unique). It doesn't really matter WHICH points you have, so long as you have them.

You should be given the option to spawn at the minion spawn corresponding to the capture point of your choice.

Because this greatly reduces the travel time to objectives, the death timer should be adjusted accordingly.

5.) Mana Costs are too high.

I suggest that the health runes provide +25% missing mana instead of the current (I think 10% max mana).

This makes it far more beneficial for people about to die than those that just want to "top" off, further evening the gap between mana vs non-mana users and sustain vs non-sustain users.

6.) Full field of visions on the lanes are ridiculous.

It's extremely easy to predict movements quickly and accurately in the current iteration. So if point 4 isn't implemented (which would allow quick attacks), field of vision should be obscured for capture points you do not control.

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Senior Member


1) No, the starting and ambient gold are high enough as it is
2) This is meant to cause a snowballing effect so that the game doesnt "back and forth" that much
3) Riot already said (forget who exactly) that they meant for minions to play a very small impact in dominion, IF they even implemented them at all.
4) Thats what the speed buffs are for
5) No lol just hit B
6) Thats basically what the creeps are for, if you want to cloud a lane push it, but practically nobody moves using the lanes with the intent of being stealthy

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well, while we are on the subject.

i think kills should give fewer points. I had a Kat in a game earlier, racked up a ton kills, but refused to do any kind of defending. She was #1 in points, but was not terribly useful.

also, Defending should give more points. Not more than taking a point, but the problem is not with getting people out into the field. Getting them to defend Windmill or one of the middle points is impossible.