Omg riot! How did you make dominion...

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So amazing. I haven't played a lot of it, been busy when ever there was beta going on, but I have played about 5 games. 2/3 I believe, for wins/loses. Even then, that hour I spent both wining and loses 5 totals games kept me excited and interested the entire time through; something SR failed at, miserably, if I may be so bold.

The constant, fast paced, action that is forcefully stuffed into dominion in such a way that it explodes out in a flurry of amazingness makes it a much better, all around satisfying, map. Win or lose, it ends up being fun.

One of the big reasons, for me, is that I die a lot. Mainly because I enjoy experimenting with different champions or different builds in order to spice up the love life.
In SR this leads to my team being angrier than [insert witty comment I can't think up here]. but, in dominion, I can do the risky things, buy the fun new items, and just have a good time without worrying about dying.

I love this kind of objective based gameplay, ever since I started playing online games with CoD4 I've liked the objective game modes like HQ and DOM over TDM or DM. Dominion is definitely a domination game mode, and that's one of the reasons I love it.

For example, in MW2, I play domination with a friend when ever we play; and when ever we play the only objective I go for and defend is B. Why? Because B is the key to every map in that game. So, like B in MW2, I go for top. Because Windmill seems to be the key to every map and once I get windmill I defend that point like no other man, woman, or schild could even realize.

TL;DR - Dominion is AMAZINGGGG~~~! Keep up the good work riot, can't wait for the full release and I can only dream of the other maps, game modes, and other goodies you have hidden up those magical sleeves!