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My champion assessments for Dominion

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Hey guys, I didn't want to create a tier list, so I thought I'd put together something a bit more in depth. I'll rate and review champions as I play them, play against them, or play with them.

Name - X/10 rating
- Description

Akali - 8.5/10
- Akali is a great assassin with good zone control. She can go under a turret with a little bit of help and come out pretty much unscathed. She's very strong at holding and attacking points. The only thing preventing her from being much stronger is the fact that stealth vision is so easy to come by in Dominion.

Alistar - 7/10
- I thought I'd give Alistar a higher score, but he just can't repeatedly interrupt captures on a point as a defender. His displacement is good, but I don't like it as much as I like Blitzcrank's. I don't know quite why I gave Alistar a lower score.

Amumu - 7.5/10
- I've found Amumu to be a very good defender. He can hold on to a point for an extensive duration due to his rather repetitive AoE damage to interrupt captures. He also has the defense to survive an onslaught from other champions. He is also a good attacker when combining his ult with another AoE ult.

Blitzcrank - 8/10
- Blitzcrank's displacement is still very strong in Dominion. You can pull a defender away from a point, and keep them CC'd for long enough that your team can capture a point. Blitz has a ton of utility to make him viable on this map.

Dr. Mundo - 5/10
- Mundo doesn't quite go where he pleases on Dominion. He doesn't seem beefy enough to sit on a point and defend it, but he can't do enough damage to force anyone off of a point. His long range poke is the only thing to really mention here. Mundo feels very lackluster.

Evelynn - 7.5/10
- Evelynn is great at stealing points. She can scout all over the map and join your team in a surprise attack very easily. Her utility is great even with all of the vision effects on Dominion.

Ezreal - 9/10
- Ez is a boss on this map. He can hop over walls, assist in a fight from a distance, kite bruisers, and a whole lot more. Building AP can be effective on here because of the lack of minions and you get a great gold income from the get-go. I've seen plenty of people play a very good Ez on this map.

Gangplank - 9/10
- GP is an amazing pick for Dominion. His ult can almost single-handedly protect a point while GP isn't there. His ult generally buys enough time to capture another point or defend the point he ulted. GP's poke is strong as usual, of course. His speed is nothing to sneeze at either.

Garen - 8/10
- Garen is a solid pick on Dominion. Garen can be built beefy enough to defend a point for a very long time, or he can be built offensive enough so that his spin just shreds attackers to bits. I played a mostly offensive Garen, I got Entropy and Youmuu's rather early, giving me a lot of penetration, sticking power, and overall damage. Garen's passive even sees some use here in between fights when defending points. I like Garen on this map because of his versatility of roles.

Gragas - 9/10
- I didn't think Gragas would work particularly well on Dominion, I couldn't have been more wrong. Gragas has a ton of range, he's very beefy, and he can body slam through walls. Gragas is mobile enough to go all over the map, he has enough range to defend points or stall at points for his team from a distance. Gragas has acceptable damage too. Gragas makes a great attacker by displacing defenders with his ultimate.

Heimerdinger - 9/10
- Heimer turns Dominion into a tower defense game. Heimer's turrets can defend points very well, and as long as Heimer is aware of what's going on, he can adventure around the map and have his turrets hold a point, even against a champion (with his ult for the most part.)

Irelia - 7.5/10
- Irelia is an acceptable pick for Dominion. She didn't seem particularly special, but she fits in with all of the other bruisers. She's not quite a 1v1 duelist, but that doesn't matter too much. She's pretty mobile and she sustains pretty well. I feel she is outclassed in her role as a tanky DPS/bruiser on this map.

Jax - 9/10
- Jax is a powerhouse on this map. He gets beefy with his passive fast, busting out big items early in the game. Jax can usually duel anyone 1v1 on this map, and since you need to split up on this map, Jax can track you down and fight you. Jax makes a good defender later in the game with his beef, and early in the game his damage is good.

Karthus - 8.5/10
- Karthus is one of the better AP carries on the map. His ult can be a nuisance for attackers, as it interrupts their capture channels. He defends points well, especially with Defile. After death, Karthus will inevitably hold a point. Karthus is a very solid pick and will generally work as a great defender.

Kassadin - 8.5/10
- I loved Kassadin on this map. He can move all over the Crystal Scar with ease. His CC and mobility make him the perfect roamer on the map, he can Riftwalk to safety without problem. He's still an amazing assassin too. I'd play him all over the place, move from point to point quickly and assassinate those in your way.

Katarina - 7/10
- To play Katarina to max effectiveness on this map, you need one of a few things. Either A, your team has AoE CC; or B, the enemy team has terrible CC. Katarina can defend or attack points like a boss if either of those things hold true. Her ultimate will decimate enemies on the spot. She's a bit more of a niche character in my opinion, but isn't necessarily a bad pick for Dominion.

Kayle - 8/10
- Kayle is a perfect counter to tanky DPS and bruisers on Dominion. With an early Malady and Black Cleaver she'll shred any tank's resistances and blow them up. After getting a Razor the enemy team's tanks are screwed. I like to play her supportively, go where your team needs you, as she isn't particularly strong in any single role.

Kennen - 9/10
- I liked Kennen as a defender, his ult allows you to protect or attack points with ease. He's beefy enough to run into a fight, and he nukes enough to kill people or get them off of a point. He has long range poke, and he sustains well because of his lack of a mana pool.

Kog'maw - 9/10
- Kog plays essentially the same role as Kayle, but he performs it with more effectiveness, but less utility on the side. Kog'maw's huge range is amazing for Dominion. He can rip apart bruisers from a distance, and harass down defenders from max range with his ult. He's a very solid pick for Dominion, and shouldn't be underestimated.

Lee Sin - 9.5/10
- Lee is very strong on this map. His insane mobility, assassin skills, utility, and damage all make for something very powerful. He can be built extremely tanky too, and this makes him an amazing defender. He can also poke at a distance or do sustained damage up close. Lee is an amazing choice for any team.

Maokai - 8/10
- Maokai is a decent choice overall. He's beefy, he has fair damage without building much for it, and he has a good long range capture interrupt. He's defensive enough and offensive enough to hold a fair rating in my opinion. He's similar to Gragas, I just find Maokai a bit lesser.

Master Yi - 6/10
- What? Why the hell is Master Yi 6/10? Master Yi is countered extremely hard by CC of any sort. Yi has a hard time with Dominion, especially considering how popular tanky DPS, bruisers, and Rammus are. Not to say Yi is a bad choice, he can absolutely dominate in a 1v1 situation, given feed status, build, and opponent. I just don't like Yi because of how easy he is to focus and melt.

Nocturne - 9/10
- Nocturne is amazing at Dominion for one primary reason: his ultimate. His ultimate's range allows him to quickly defend and attack bases in need of help. He's also mobile enough and innately tanky enough to hold his own in a fight. This makes Nocturne a terror on the enemy team.

Pantheon - 8/10
- Pantheon is very good because of his ult, and he essentially plays the same role as Nocturne. He can effectively hop from base to base with relative ease. I find him less effective than Nocturne only because Pantheon isn't as fast, his ult isn't as on-demand, and his general fighting capabilities are worse.

Poppy - 8.5/10
- Poppy is a nightmare to play against in Dominion. She's fast, her passive is amazing, she can dive whole teams and practically disable a group of defenders with her ult, and she hits very hard. With Dominion's close proximity walls she lands stuns with her E very frequently. Her W allows her to chase and run from base to base quickly. Her Q will deal a ton of damage to almost anyone. Her R allows her to jump in the stupidest of fights and cripple the enemy team anyway. She's a very strong pick.

Rammus - 9.5-10/10
- Rammus is pretty much the quintessential problem champion on Dominion. He has three very OP factors to him on this map. First problem is his Q, his Q allows him to dash from base to base in a matter of seconds. The second problem is his defenses and his W, his W gives him enough innate tankiness without building any tank items early. This allows him to stall at points that he has rushed very early in the game. The third problem is a combination of Garrison and E. In SR, tower diving a Rammus with Fortify is ******ed. In Dominion, you have to jump on points that Rammus may be defending while he has Garrison. He can taunt you and ultimately spell your demise just for attempting to attack a point...

That doesn't mean he's unbeatable. Rammus is countered with coordination and speed. If you're fast enough (looking at you Twisted Fate, Nocturne, and Pantheon) you can stop him and his team. He's definitely a problem champion on Dominion.

Renekton - 8/10
- Renekton is a decent fighter, he has a good spot in Dominion. He's beefy, pretty fast, and a terror in small skirmishes. His damage might not be mega-nuke, but it's strong enough when combined with his sustain and defenses. He's a strong pick like most other tanky DPS/bruisers. I find him best when defending, his ult can make him a lot stronger than he looks.

Ryze - 8/10
- Some people think Ryze is terrible on Dominion. I think he's great. He's very defensive and he sustains well in fights (thanks to his ult.) The key to doing well with Ryze is trying to stack your Tear early, and get Frozen Heart and Odyn's Veil early. Once you have those you're very hard to kill and you have good damage as Ryze. He's essentially a tanky mage. He works well as an attacker and as a defender.

Singed - 9/10
- Singed is as annoying as ever on Dominion. He's very fast and his poison interrupts point captures! He's very tough, very fast, and very annoying to deal with. He's a powerhouse and can hold bases for ages given enough defenses.

Sivir - 6/10
- Sivir, I found, is only really good at pressuring defenders with Ricochet and Boomerang Blade. She's relatively fast, but that doesn't help when she's easily killed in any encounter. She can put pressure on points, but that's about all she can do.

Talon - 7.5/10
- Talon is mobile and stealthy, he's a great attacker. Beyond that he's a great assassin (obviously) and that makes him a good roamer. I don't rate him as much higher because other assassins outperform him.

Teemo - 7/10
- I don't like Teemo much in Dominion, but as usual, his shrooms are a nuisance. He's mobile and he can beat up tanky opponents without too much trouble. I've just found him lackluster in most situations.

Tristana - 5/10
- Tristana, sadly, is really weak (as I've found) in Dominion. Her damage isn't high enough, her mobility is terrible outside of Rocket Jump, and she's very fragile.

Tryndamere - 9/10
- Trynd is a nightmare to fight in both SR and Dominion. In Dominion he doesn't need much feed to become a powerhouse. With just a little gold he becomes a force of reckoning, defending and attacking points to no end. He's also quite fast, making him a good choice for Dominion.

Twitch - 8/10
- Twitch has some strength in Dominion! Stealth allows him to sneak and take points easily. The close quarters in Dominion cause his ultimate to become quite devastating. The problem with Twitch is that his damage isn't as good as a carry's and stealth detection is common.

Udyr - 10/10
- Udyr... I don't think Udyr is necessarily broken or OP, but he is exactly what you want in Dominion. He is very fast, allowing him to go from point to point. He can be built quite beefy, allowing him to hold his own when under siege by the enemy. He's also very strong in 1v1 combat with Tiger Stance, making him a powerful duelist. He travels well, ganks well, defends well, and attacks well. He's just an awesome choice for Dominion, he has everything you could want.

Warwick - 9/10
- I've found WW to be a slightly less powerful version of Udyr. WW is fast... sometimes. He's not as fast as Udyr, and not as innately beefy (especially with the 20% healing reduction.) WW's only saving grace for not being completely outclassed is his ultimate. His ultimate is great for locking down a defender and removing them from the fight.

Wukong - 8.5/10
- Wukong is a great overall choice. He's a very solid tanky DPS with good defending and attacking skills. His ultimate is the biggest contributor, he can CC entire teams with his ultimate as they attack his point or he attacks one himself. His decoy is as good as always too. My only issue is Wukong's lack of general speed. He's awesome otherwise.

Xin Zhao - 9/10
- Xin is one of the strongest tanky DPS you can choose. He has a strong gap closer, good defenses, he's overpowered in 1v1s, and he's very expendable. Xin is a great ganker and attacker. He can go under the tower, get bonus defenses with his ult, rip enemies to shreds, and walk out alive because of his good defenses. Xin is a very respectable choice.

Personal favorites:

Riven - 8.5/10
- Riven is a powerhouse in Dominion. She has a good variety of high AD items to build to make her very powerful. She is a great duelist and can push onto enemy points with ease. She can defend points very well too, she attacks repeatedly with AoE damage, she interrupts repeatedly, and will do a ton of damage if she can actually land the hits. I've found my greatest success with an aggressive Riven playstyle on Dominion.

Mordekaiser - 7/10
- Even after the nerfs I still love my main, even on Dominion. Morde is a beast at holding capture point and removing enemy minions from the 'lanes'. Morde can protect a capture point on his own, pretty much regardless of his build. 1v1 Morde can do a ton of damage, especially with Lich Bane and Gunblade. If you get a Ghost, you can assault any base you want really. 6v4 is a lot scarier on SR, but it's still very powerful on Dominion.

Note: all of these are my opinion, this is not a tier list. Here are descriptions for my ratings.

10/10: The champion must be best-in-class or bring something special to the table. Nearly perfect, these guys have found a lot of success in Dominion.
9/10: The champion must be very powerful in Dominion. Champions placed here are generally lacking in only one minor area.
8/10: These champions are quite strong but have some flaws that make them less potent than others. Champions placed here are strong but easy to counter as a rule of thumb.
7/10: These champions are viable. Plain viable. They aren't too good, they aren't too bad. 7 is a fair score.
6/10: These champions are lacking. They're missing something that would make them viable. A 6 isn't necessarily a bad score, it just means that the champion is just outperformed.
5/10: These champions are pretty weak. Their role is usually undefined or very shallow. Niche champions tend to fall here because they would be much worse off otherwise.
4/10 and below: These champions are plain out dismal. They are so weak that you will generally get frustrated playing one of these champions simply because of how easy they are to deal with. 4 generally represents weak while 1 represents impossible to play.

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ya i couldnt stop playing riven, so freakin fun.

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I played as anivia and akali, had SO MUCH FUN.

Anivia's utility is put into great use, and she can defend the bottom turret solo the entire game if she wanted. Her stun works the same in that you use it to engage, especially turret huggers. Her wall fills any passage except the middle where the shields are at level 3 or 4.
Akali? Backdoor cap all day, and I've never had a game on dominion so far where i lost while playing her. Number one every time except once, where i was number two. I think my best. score was in 1.4 or 1.5k points? Anyways, 16/1 and 7 captures. Shortest match with her was 9:21, added my team and did premade.

You know what's fun?
You can suck on summoners rift and be decent or above in dominion. I'm tutoring a level 7 friend of mine, only ever bought Ashe. It's much more noob-friendly, because losing doesn't mean being facerolled.

TRY CHAMPS WITH UTILITY ABILITIES!!! They aren't just support! And they're surprisingly effective in this mode.

I hope it's open again later today like it was yesterday, LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Has anybody tried Skarner? Seems like he could be decent with the amount of gold you get without needing farm. I played him AP on custom games and he got insanely strong. Without the need to farm which is mostly what makes him lack luster in SR he could be pretty beast. Move speed boost skill would come in handy as well.

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It seems you are afraid to use the "10/10" rating

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It seems you are afraid to use the "10/10" rating

He's saving it for Rammus, lol.

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heimer 9/10? how about no.

he gets two turrent and its almost impossible to cover the tower in all directions with them due to range so they become moot if you actually know how to capture at range jax is also pretty average in this mode simply because swotd is so easy to get and there are other damage dealers that can destroy him pretty easily.

Did you play like 5 games and just come up with this list? The ratings are terrible considering you give irelia a 7.5 even though she brings nothing to the gametype other than average dps and really nothing special. Kog maw should be a 6-7 at best considering his whole deal is range and dominion has so many ways to close the gap on him

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nade their face retreat to center?

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heimer 9/10? how about no.

he gets two turrent and its almost impossible to cover the tower in all directions with them due to range so they become moot if you actually know how to capture at range jax is also pretty average in this mode simply because swotd is so easy to get and there are other damage dealers that can destroy him pretty easily.

Did you play like 5 games and just come up with this list? The ratings are terrible considering you give irelia a 7.5 even though she brings nothing to the gametype other than average dps and really nothing special.

Wondering how old you are.
It's a turret.

Review Nasus. He's a freaking BEAST on this map. Akali too, and Xin, and Udyr.