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Dominion is boring and it gets Repetitive

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so i play garen so far my 5 games and avg about 15 kills a game
and im bored as hell....what is the point of dominion? it totally changes the game and will ruin balance issues so is dominion just a "minigame" riot decided to release? or are they going to balance it along with summoners rift?

because i literally do not see the point, instead of making a new map (magma chamber sounded so awesome sadly) riot released this "minigame" that people get bored of playing, i mean seriously? has anyone even played 10 straight games yet? has anyone actaully played and enjoyed it? or are you more confused why your even playing it over "summoners rift"

why does riot use so much time for this boring game? instead of spectator mode or replays?
you go top and control some towers, the enemy is bot taking the bot towers, then gangplank ults and you can't do anything about it? you don't even know what is going on, such a fail game l0l.

please just stop dominion like u did with magma chamber and focus on spectator mode !

Some people need to stop QQing and grow the F up...

go find something better to do ... like play sports...

or bungee jump W/O a Bungee Cord...


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Hratis Arai

Senior Member


Seriously though, aside from the fact that the thread is about an opinion based on only a few games against noobs (considering we are all technically dominion noobs), this thread is pissing me off with all the bull**** about mobility winning games and there being nothing you can do about it. If you were only half ******ed instead of full-blown ****ing dumbasses you might understand that a rammus cannot backdoor your ****ing node if someone is defending it. It's a capture and HOLD game mechanic not ****ing capture and go push a lane and try to capture more **** you greedy *******. I might be new to dominion, but at least I understand that just because rammus can give his team an advantage at the start of the game doesn't mean he's as OP as everyone thinks he is. Learn some god **** strategy you **** suckers. If everyone didn't suck so **** bad at this game mode it might be more enjoyable.

Yeah, what that person said. +1