Things I have noticed so far...

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So after playing a number of games of Dominion, a couple things come to mind:

Good Things

- Fast paced, diversified from the usual SR 5v5 grind, for better or for worse.

- A good mode to play with your friends in premade.

- Something to do after an "Ugh, just lost five in a row on SR." that doesn't involve 3v3 TT, which is an infuriating game mode anyways.

- New stuff to buy and use, and new minions and an interesting environment.

Bad Things

- Tryndamere playpen, just like TT 3v3, although him and Yi will be fighting for the kiddie slide.

- No reason to play anything other than a carry besides personal preference.

- No real structure or team coordination.

- Would have rather had Magma Chamber.

- Playing this with any frequency will probably hinder teamwork and coordination, and even focus that is required for SR.

- No real reason to push with minions. Almost hinders you if you wait for them since half the enemy team will be on their way to punish you.

- Will probably only play on a "Don't have time for 5v5 SR" basis. But that predicament is largely dealt with via 3v3 TT.

- Imbalanced champions in 3v3 carried over from balanced 5v5 play...people ignored it. They will not ignore it with Dominion, which will have the exact same problem.

- Two spawn outlets can easily be camped following an ace.

- No skill or thought goes into leveling up, might as well have everyone start at 18. Leveling while roaming mid is like wtf? There should be a tradeoff.


- Each team should start with 2 control points, while the third middle one at the top begins as neutral. Have controlled towers give vision. There is way too much innate vision on the map.

- Minions need to be a more significant presence, and actually be important to the flow of battle. As it stands, minions, and even towers really, are ignorable.

- Possibly more as I think of more.

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The one thing that i will agree with you is that there is way to much innate vision on the map. They made it sound like they had ti set up so you could come up with all sorts of crazy team tactics because no one would know where the other team was.

Instead you have inate vision on half the map which is just not nearly as inteesting