My feedback notes thus far

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Blitzcrank(Speed+survivability) and Heimerdinger(the turret defense) are bloody strong.

Eve is having a comeback with her boots of mobility + trinity force ! Naturally, she still needs the remake for SR if nothing else.

The health packs are very, very insignificant. Might as well go back to base.

The lightning shield seems to only make a difference on fed characters that have a level(HP) advantage over other people. There doesn't seem to be any fights over it as one can really burst through it easy if its an enemy on the same level as other people, its negligible.

Ranged carries and squishies in general without any survivbaility skills, mobility or solid burst seem to fall flat. Supports who cannot deal damage reliably(All supports except for Janna and Soraka) fall flat as well.

Entropy is weak. It should stack with itself imho.

There's an issue that you cannot *really* carry your team. The victory chance seems very much dependent on the whole team than individual performance, even more so than in SR.
As such, solo queue ranked Dominion, if it comes, will have a really random victory chance for most players I believe - more than in SR.

I hope the IP gain is shifted to be a bit higher than it is at the moment, 50sh IP is nothing.

I hope Nasus, Veigar, Cho and Warmog's and their appropriate gains are fixed well for Dominion.

That's it for now.

I'll make sure to add whatever more comes to my mind.