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Talon Guide + Build

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Mr Knubbers

Senior Member


Hi Guys, My first guide on here so hope you all like it

SO lets cut to the basics. talon for me, plays like a good assasin type champ, who has a lot of good AD burst damage, with the right build of course.

Talons Abilities

Talon is quite an ability focused champion, which means basically, he cant just be played right clicking and stacking AD, he needs to be played the way an assasin would be played, similar to the way Akali should be played.
Talons Q is Noxian Diplomacy, which deals a base amount of damage (plus a certain amount based on your AD). It also has a cool second effect which is if you attack an enemy champion with Noxian Diplomacy, they take the first set of damage, but also bleed out over 6 seconds for an additional amount of damage.
Talons W is Rake which sends out a volley of blades in a cone, dealing damage each time the blade passes through an enemy.
Talons E is Cutthroat, which makes talon appear behind an enemy and silence them for a few seconds *ninja style* (depending on how much you have leveled it up)
Talons R is Shadow Assault which makes talon stealthed and gives him enhanced movement speed for a short time. While his R is activated he sends out a ring of blades that deal damage each time they pass through an enemy.
Talons Passive is Mercy, which makes talon do an extra 10% damage to any enemy that he attacks, under the effects of CC.

Runes, Masteries & Summoner Spells

For runes, usually get Armor Pen marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs and Cooldown Reduction Quintessenses.
The reason i take Armor Pen marks over anything else, its the fact that talon is an AD champ and his abilities do damage based on his AD, so he's not just a right-click-to-win, champ. So with armor pen marks, his Q will deal a great amount of damage early on, and help with late game damage output too. I get Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs for early survivability and better laning prowess. i also get the Cooldown Quints because you can spam your Q and W alot more often which are your main damage dealers before you hit level 6.

For Masteries i have been testing out a few different ones, but the one i like the best is using a 9/21/0 mastery, leveling up Deadliness, Cripple, Alcrity, and One (1) point in Sunder, in the Offensive branch. and in the Defensive branch i usually get Armor and Magic resist, Dodge and Bonus health points.

For my summoner spells i like to take flash and exhaust.
Exhaust because with the exhaust proc in the mastery tree, they lose 10 armor and 10 MR, stacked with your Arm Pen early game you can deal alot of damage and often times get First Blood quite easily.
The Reason i take Flash is because it is a great way to juke in/out of fights and also, u can utilise flash to burst down an enemy in combination with your ulti. for example, if you use rake to slow your target, then pop your Shadow Assault, you can run past your target (because they are slowed) then press R again so your blades start to come back to you (through your target) and then activate flash again so all of the blades basically passed through your target, thus making them lose a LOT of health.

Items Build and Suggestions

Okay guys, and girls, to start off my games with Talon, i always get a Dorans Blade, for the added health, and damage and lifesteal. this gives you a decent amount of health to start laning with and helps alot with survivabiblity and damage output.
Next i grab Sheen, then Merc Treads.
i ALWAYS get Sheen because talons Q deals bonus damage on the next attack and combined with Sheen gives u a bonus as well, so double bonus equals LOTS of damage from his Q. I also get Merc Treads on almost every champion i play (except casters and jax) because it gives you a good amount of move speed, and also tenacity which reduces the amount of CC by like 25% or something.
Next i get Yomuu's Ghostblade. Which gives cooldown reduction, move speed, crit chance, arm pen and damage. The active ability from this item is also great
Next i Like to finish off Triforce, and then Get Infinity Edge.
By the time you have infinity edge, the game will be pretty much almost over, unless you farm like a GOD. But with the infinity edge, triforce and Yomuus, you will deal so much damage through Crits with your Q, its almost not funny
IF however the game is still going on way after you got your bloodthirster, i always get a banshees veil and then depending on the enemy teams composition, you can get an MR item or an Armor item, or if you're really dominating, get last whisper for added arm pen.

How to Lane with Talon

Basically when laning with talon, his W is a great harrassment tool, and its also great for last hitting minions that are out of your reach. When i play Talon, at Level 1 i get Rake first, Then at level 2 i take Noxian Diplomacy, Then at level 3 i get Cutthroat, that way at level 3 i have all 3 possible abilities at my disposal incase the other team tries for an early gank. basically after level 3 i max out Rake first, Then Noxian Diplomacy, along with Shadow Assault and lastly Cutthroat.

1v1 Situations

In 1v1 situations, talon is a great champ, and ill show you how to get the most out of talon without keyboard mashing his abilities.
Basically, if you are engaged by an enemy, in a 1v1 situation, you have 2 options:
Option 1) If your mana and health are lowish, i wouldnt recommend staying and fighting, because you could risk dying.
Option 2) If you have enough mana and health, go for it. So if the enemy engages you, or you want to engage them, there are some simple steps to follow. If the enemy has engaged you and is close to you, First use your Q on them, to deal the flat damage plus the bleedout damage, then use Cutthroat to tele behind them, then use Rake to slow them, then keep auto attacking them till your Q coolsdown (shouldnt take long) and hit them with your Q again. Rinse and Repeat. basically looks like this:


Final Comments

I hope this helped all you new Talon players out, and after hes been free for a week, maybe you'll think of buying him in the store
If you have any questions of comments feel free to leave them below.

Remember, Talon, The Noxian Assasin, Is meant to be played as an assasin, so just remember to play safe, dont rush into team fights thinking you can kill everyone, just because you may have seen another talon do it in a previous game. just play like an assasin, clean up kills and take out enemies swiftly. and remember if your allies say KS, you say Kill Secured!

EDIT: why downvote without commenting why?

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Senior Member


People usually downvote without commenting when they "think" that someones post was so incorrect that it wasn't worth correcting. I didnt thoroughly read the guide, but nothing really jumped out at me that screamed "TERROR POST", so I guess we may never know.

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Senior Member


Mr Knubbers:
EDIT: why downvote without commenting why?

For one, you're in exactly the wrong state of mind to try and give people advice.

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Junior Member


No offense but yoy have his attack cycle completely wrong lmfao, thing about it you get 10 pct bonus damage to slowed targets so you want to rake first to get the bonus damage on your q, not to mention you q then e because when you use it then e to teleport on them you instantly strike them, not to mention then since you used it before you teleported your cooldown is almost up already anyways. Your item build is alot different from mine but everyone plays different but I highly suggest you change you atk combo just saying.