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Teemo Dominion Build

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From what I've seen, Teemo is a great choice for Dominion. He's really agile, can stealth indefinitely, has the ability to control points with mushrooms, and has immense backdoor capabilities.

I prefer AD Teemo over AP since his attack animation is so quick, and I think AD will be a bit more effective for the map.

Here's what I threw together and would like to build towards: http://tinylc.com/B8b

Greater Mark of Alacrity x9
Greater Seal of Malice x9
Greater Glyph of Celerity x9
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x9



Since you start with 1375, I want to start with Berserker's Greaves and a vamp scepter. This should allow me to cap a point early without too many issues. Starting at level 3 also allows me to put 1 point into Q,W, and E. This gives me more mobility with the move quick passive to get a early head start, a blind, and more DPS since the poison damages on hit.

The total of this build cost wise is about 13500, which really isn't much at all. You gain 3 gold per second in Dominion. Killing Creeps, Champs, and capping point also gives you gold.

This is my first build suggestion, and I have no idea how it looks. Any feedback for me?

Edit: Thanks to Gilaeth for pointing out my noobness-Teleport doesn't exist for Dominion >_<

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Teleport doesn't exist in dominion would be the first obvious thing to mention. However, mobility is much more important on dominion, I would be suggesting a little more w earlier rather than capping q after e. Personally, I'm going to be going a magic damage auto attack build with teemo because it works better on him... the new, cheaper razor combined with the ionic spark... very sexy indeed.

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I've always had better luck with AD Teemo, but I have heavily considered the bloodrazer/ionic spark combo. Maybe I'll get lucky and catch one of those "Off peak" beta sessions so I can try both :P

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Demonic Ritual

Senior Member


Personally I'm thinking of building Teemo not so much for damage but as a Sweeper to ninja capture points while never being caught. With his shrooms, move speed, blind and stealth he is perfect for the role.

My build:
1. Boots of Mobility or Boots of Lucidity
2. Priscilla's Blessing
3. Shurelya's Reverie
4. Quick Silver Sash
5. Frozen Mallet
6. whatever

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UniveRsE CuRsE

Senior Member


AP Teemo is much better, specially if your using him mainly because his bombs. If Teemo gets somewhat fed, the bombs will bring people to half health.

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the Kaveman

Junior Member


I love playing as Teemo as he's quick and gnarly and really annoys if Shrooms are correctly placed and often!

My Dominion build has been based on SPEED 1st, then SPEED and then some AP to complement the Shrooms and try to last hit / annoy the opponents, with some cooldown in there to get Shrooms quicker.

It's not a focused build, I'm still tinkering, and I'm not yet max level so only have 19 runes to play with, but I'm holding my own and have been winning a decent amount ... I sometimes overplay as Teemo and have brain-farts thinking he's a tank ... or I lose him in the thick of battle as he's tiny. So I give away silly deaths at least once a battle.

... my build, oh yeah ...

I go 0/0/19 for runes, for the additional speed and xp boost.

For Spells I usually go Ignite / Ghost (I was playing with Ignite / Flash but found Ghost can be used to charge to points more and is more suited to Dominion).

I get 1xQ, 1xW and 1xE on my start skills and then normally go to max W for speed ASAP, with of course R when it's available for Shrooms.

Kit ...

I start with BOOTS - I either get Sorcerer's Shoes (magic penetration to give poison a little added sting)
Mercury's Treads (for the resists and tenacity)

The boots I chose are dependent upon the opposition build out ... more CC then I get the resists more tankie then I go penetration.

I tried both Berserker's Greaves (for increase Attack Speed out of the gate, but found I wasn't attacking too much straight away and didn't have the punch yet) and Boots of Swiftness / Mobility (but found I lacked the added stats at start of game.

I also sometimes start with 2x HP pots to give me a little more time "not dead"

After this I rush for ZEALthis is mainly for the increased Speed and Attack Speed,I find it's pretty cheap and quick to get, added Crit is just a nice bonus if it hits but not what I'm buying it for.

It also holds the option of going up to Phantom Dancer, but I don't do this right away ... if I'm finding the other team is all SPEED then I'll upgrade to this most likely in place of the following items.

Next I either get, dependent upon how I'm doing:
a) LICH BANE for the speed boost, because I like the icon <jk> the Ability Power increase and additional Mana and Magic Resists
b) NASHORS TEETH for the Attack Speed and ok'ish Ability Power, but mainily for the Cool Down and Mana Regen.

Whichever of the above I don't get is my next item.

If there is still time in the game I either upgrade my ZEAL to a Phantom Dancer (if I haven't already)
I'll go to HEXTECH GUNBLADE to stay in fights a little longer but mainly to SLOW those annoying 1 bar of health hero that's trying to run away.

NOTE - the Hextech Gunblade was an addition to my Teemo build on the fly, I didn't plan on this but made one during a game and it worked out well. Recently I've been steering away from it as people figure out how to play Dominion and I'm seeing more SPEED teams, rather than the bulk of TANK teams I was seeing to begin with.
I may well phase out the Gunblade soon, but it seemed to work there against tankie teams ... either way don't flame because I have a Vamp item on Teemo hmm'k.

How I play Teemo...

I use him to harass as much as possible, I place Shrooms all over the map, I chase heroes with low health and get kills, I like to tag heroes on the opposing team and then run with them chasing me all over the map (usually into my cunningly placed Shrooms) so they are out of the fight / cap for a time.

If there is a team fight I'll jump in, if I see someone capping a point across the map I'll speed to them and harass to make their caps' much slower and hopefully get someone from my team up there to help.

I'll cap points where reds are no where near ... I'll also take red points to neutral (stopping their reducing their points by x1), knowing a hero will be pulled to that point and then harass them, taking them away from the main fight.

Final point...

Last night I played and had a great K/D and high Kills and Assists but was wondering why I was the last on my team ... capping points seems to be the biggest point giver in Dominion.

If you play Teemo the way I do (for fun, for harass and annoyance level against the opposing team) you may not be top scorer on your team every time (I have been often, but just wanted to add this).

The thing with Dominion, as with any flag cap game, is that any opposition player NOT directly involved in capping points is a good thing.

With the Shrooms everywhere Teemo can last hit heroes running away, running for that health on the map, etc. without even being there ... use this to your advantage.

... oh and don't get carried away like I always do and give easy deaths to the opposition ... if you do, at least say "Good Job" or be nice in ALL CHAT.

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Senior Member


Boots of Mobility
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer

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I main teemo.

My speed build, which I don't use anymore really was

Boots of Mobility
Priscilla's Blessing
Randuin's Omen
Force of Nature
PD X 2

Randiun's Omen is to escape. If someone hits you, they get 35% slow, and you can active for an AOE 35% slow, which allows you to get away. It also has good armor.

Force of Nature has a 8% speed buff, and high magic resists.

Prsicilla's, Randuins and Force of Nature all have high health regen. When you have all 3, you will be able to stay out forever, especially picked up a health pac every now and again.

And the PD's are just extra speed.

Speed is nice, but these stacks of PD's are dumb IMO. It's too much speed, good timing and knowing when to stalk a node with stealth is vital. You really just need enough to be able to get away and outrun everyone else.

You get chased alot, and the defensive items will help you stay alive. You'll have plenty of speed to backdoor.

AD I'm not very big on. It is nice late game, but it's a bit rough early game. You need bloodrazer before it starts to do well.

AP is what I currently play, and it's the best IMO. It does the most damage, and you can kite people to their deaths with the dots. Your shrooms should be doing constant damage due to placement, unlike SR where they are more useful as wards. Stealth up at a tower in defense, and the extra AS will burn them down. Blind becomes a mini nuke. Blind, auto-attack, kite.

I do:

Hextech Revolver->Will of Anicents(not until later game to help team).
Sorcerers Shoes
Sheen->Lichbane(Lichbane late game, sheen is for the attack after ability).
Fiendish Codex->Morello's Evil Tome(again late game upgrade) - AP and cooldown reduction
--late game upgrades goes here.

If the other team is stacking MR, I'll swap out fiendish with a void staff.

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Senior Member


I play AP/Tank Teemo for Dominion.


QEEWQR, then max E, Q, then W

Merc Treads
Abyssal Scepter
Zhonya's Hourglass
Frozen Heart
Randoin's Omen or Force of Nature depending on enemy

If you want some AS, you can swap out Frozen Heart for Nashor's Tooth (CDR) or Malady (AP), or switch to Berserker's Greaves.

Typically I just camp out at the bottom point, popping shrooms on all three nearby health pickups and the speed booster, as well as a few on corners in the jungle and some around the point. Sit invis on the point and obliterate any who dare take on TankTeemoTower.

It might not be the most exciting, but I generally win games like this, occasionally going off to help other points. Tempted to try this or a similar build in SR because of the global taunt, Teemo might make for an interesting tank option...:P

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Senior Member


Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x9

What is this I don't even.