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Last hitting in late game

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but hold on, I want to be a team player, I though that blatantly avoiding a team fight to farm was a bad thing.

You visibly pushing right before a teamfight happens will do one of two things:
1) Force one or two of the enemy champions to come fater you, making the teamfight easier for your team to win

2)They won't send anyone, your team (if they have anybrain) backs and just defends at the tower, and you get a free tower out of it, fighting under your own tower can very much act like another champion being there in the fray if they dive you, if they don't dive they won't get any kills out of the whole thing.

You need to be able to judge when it's a good time to farm and when it's a good time to fight, but make a rule in your head that if youre not farming, not on your way to farm, not fighting, or not on your way to fight, you're probably doing something wrong. Also don't be afraid to use skills on minions, this isn't DotA, HoN, you have managable levels of mana!

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Some champions are just great late game at farming last hits. Tristana late game can mow down a squad of minons with Rapid Fire like a .50 cal on a school bus.