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Zilean: “But I'm a Pacifist!” The Chronokeeper

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Wait, in the item list I'm reading, you have Doran's Ring, Archangel's, Spirit Visage, then boots. Are you really saying you can get your Archangel's and a Spirit Visage by the 15 minute? :O

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Depends on the game, Doran's was a later addition which I skip depending on the enemy team.
If they have strong harass, Doran's Ring usually covers that. I am one of those annoying guys who pushes a lane. I, however, know the consequences of doing this, and understand how to abuse this without it killing me. With proper Juking, Zilean can make it out of almost any gank scenario, due to his MS increase and Ghost. That being said, timing last hits correctly can also net you gold quickly (if need be, I can go the whole laning phase without a single Time Bomb outside of harass).
This was with the old Spirit Visage, its price has been knocked up a smudge, but ultimately it is reachable due to Archangel's staff causing you to 1 shot entire creep waves (bomb wave, run like hell, hide at turret, wait for next wave).
This is of course going off of a solo lane, if you are in that position. If you're in a duo lane, that's a whole 'nother ball park.