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[Guide] Winning Eve build w/ Pointers.

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This is a pretty simple Evelynn guide for anyone wanting to main as Evelynn or to see how hard it can be. To begin, i will say its not easy to use Evelynn. It may even be very stressful as the team will blame you for their faults and you must rely on your team to get you buff. If you have any questions, my IGN is MrDiezel. I man Eve and almost all my Wins are by her. I have a 2:1 Win to loss Ratio, I average about 10 kills per game, less than 5 deaths always. That is usually on a bad day.

Here is the Evelynn build I prefer to use.

Recommended Runes:
Red: Magic. Pen. Runes (These definitely come in handy because the enemy team will surely buy magic resistance if you're playing right

Blue/Yellow: Immediate AP Runes/ Gradual AP Runes. (I give myself enough AP to effectively gank and do damage early game, and then AP for later levels since this Eve is a late game killer)

Purple: Immediate AP Runes (Again to help with damage early game)

A lot of my Runes are set to help me early game because, as many know, you cant be a good late game hero without setting yourself for success early on.

Recommended Masteries:
I go 21/0/9. Most important to get in Offence is..
Archmage's Savvy: for AP purposes.
Sorcery: Cooldowns to help Re-Stealth, faster Hate Spike
Archaic Knowledge: Further penetrate Magic Resistance
Havoc: 5% Increase in Phys and Mag dmg. Always good

Recommended Spells:
FLASH: Flash is a must. This can be used for Juking as you will chase an enemy, and if they can skillshot you to escape, they will. Your job is to judge the timing, flash away or flash in front of them to avoid, and finish them off. Also, very good for assassinating an enemy who may have low health lingering behind the rest of their party. Pop up, Ravage, and kill. Then immediately ult and flash away.

This could be substituted for Ghost, but Flash is more suitable as its more sudden. An Eve shouldnt be in one spot for a long time. You go in, get your kill, peace out.

IGNITE: Again, this adds to Eve's ninja effect. Early game, you will have to pick off anyone who has less than half HP. Anyone with low enough health, you could pop out, ignite and run away. Its super sexy when you can pull this off. Otherwise, this helps add damage early game and good to use after you Ravage and spam Hate Spike. Many times, this will take them to their last bit of HP and the enemy will try to run. Ignite them, and let them walk to their death.

Skill Build:
Hate Spike: your dps. Weak, yes, but throughout the whole game this will get you your kills. This skill is semi-ranged, so spam this when chasing a champion. Well, anytime youre attacking any champion

Shadow Walk: Stealth. Length depends of level of skill. This is what Eve's gameplan rides upon. Make sure you watch your stealth close so you dont run out while scouting behind an enemy Jax. Could get very ugly. While in this mode, you will stun. YES, STUN!

Ravage: Super nuke. End of story. Currently you can decrease Mag. Res. by Ravaging from the back which makes a huge difference. After the new patch though, it wont matter from what angle you hit from. w00t.

Malice And Spite: Level this every time you have the chance. This gives you deadly movement speed and atk speed, as well as heals you when you kill or assist in killing a champ. This fools many opponents. Remember!

Build wise, I will start with..
1.Shadow Walk
4.Shadow Walk
6.Malice and Spite
7.Shadow Walk
9.Shadow Walk
10. Ravage
11. Malice and Spite
12. Ravage
13. Hate Spike
14. Hate Spike
15. Hate Spike
16. Malice and Spite
17. Hate Spike
18. Shadow Walk

Item Build
You will want to end up with:
Nashor's Tooth, Sorcerer's Boots, Lich Bane, Mejai Soulstealer, Sunfire Capex2

Start with Meki Pendant so you can Hate Spike creeps as much as you want. Also to accompant you, buy 2x HP Pots to help you lane longer.
Proceed to get Mejai as soon as possible so you can get that stacked
Then get proceed to get Boots,
then start w/ Amplifying Tone or Blasting Wand (depending on Gold) to get Lich Bane
After Lich Bane, work on getting Sunfire Cape
Then, with your Meki Pendant, get Fiendish Codex, leading to Nashor's Tooth.
Finally, get your last Sunfire Cape.

This build deals excellent damage as well as provide great physical defense.
If you follow this build up to level 18, consider yourself a serious threat as well as a dphs (damage per half second)
Nashor and fully stacked Mejai gives you cooldown reduction, meaning you can restealth faster and even have a super fast Hate Spike. NICE
Active Lich Bane in stealth by popping your Ult, Ravage from behind, physical hit and spam hate spike= easy kill.
With two sunfires, you will deal additional damage as well
And if you have ignite, you are dealing Damage FIVE different ways!!!!!!! Sunfire damage, very fast hate spike, physical atk, Ignite, and Ravage. Not to mention, you got beastly health and phys. def. for Eve. Enjoy owning EVERYBODY

Dont be afraid to not assist your teammate if the situation is horrible. If there is a 2v1, the enemies both having 75%+ health ganging 1 of your members, dont try to save. At the risk of knowing when to involve yourself, your team may get a bit heated at you. You will have to deal with it. You need to get your Mejai's stacked to be an asset to your team!!

It IS possible to stun two enemies. if your buddy is being chased by two champions, you can Hate Spike while in stealth 1 enemy and hate Spike will hit the other champ next to him/her, stunning them as well. Try not to do this around creaps as Hate Spike's secondary target is random.

If an enemy has oracle, ask the team to focus them so you're free to roam the map

Scout, scout, scout, and scout some more. This will save your teammates as well as surprise a Jungling champion such as Warwick or Shaco and steal their buff.

It may be necessary to buy an Oracle yourself so that you can see and destroy any wards.

Hate Spike will hit ANYTHING stealthed. You can detect mushrooms (not kill them) with it, detect a Ward (but Wards are invincible against ability damage), hit any stealthed enemy such as Twitch, Teemo, Shaco or another Eve and even hit Akali in her stealth AOE. Yes, hate spike is Good. But be careful, if you hate spike while in stealth and you hit something, you will come out of stealth.

With Sunfire Eve, feel free to walk next to a champion while stealthed that DOES-NOT-HAVE-ORACLE to harass them and they cant do anything about it.

Can't Stack Mejai or Can't get past Oracle? With this build, this Eve can effectively Tower Push pretty fast. You can backdoor and tank the turret with all the armor and health you will have, and with your ult, you can take a turret down fairly easy. Also, you will be a target if you lane solo while an enemy has an oracle. If the enemy team is too bunched up, split them up by pushing another lane. You may end up being a sacrifice for the greater good, but if you kill some creeps really fast then haul butt out of there, you are unharmed and the enemy team is split up. NOBODY will resist an Eve kill. Use it to your advantage

Eve is never useless. For example, if early game you can not do much damage, save your teammate. If you play a Blitz, always stand in front of your lane buddy while stealthed so that Blitz will grab you instead, but can not see you. He will get very frustrated. If youre fighting against a Mundo, block the cleaver throws by standing in front of a critically wounded lane buddy. They will appreciate it.

Know your distance from the turret! If somebody likes to harass @ turret, time your stun so that they hit your lane buddy, but are stunned and focused by the turret, giving you an easy kill. Not matter how pro your enemy is, this works way too often.

Time your stuns very carefully. Timing is KEY. If ashe shoots an arrow or panth jumps and stuns, dont engage when they stun. Let them do damage and then you stun after their stun is over. This way, the enemy is less likely to want to run away if they think they can 1v1 and if they decide to Cleanse/Scurvy the first stun or slow, you can stun right after. Also, it increases the duration of the stun because 2 stuns together do NOT stack as far as I know. So play mental games. ALSO, Cancel any channels w/ a good timing stun (Nunu Ult, Fid Ult). Personally, I'll wait til Ryze will use his stun and THEN stun him. Works quite well. Gotta find what works in small windows of time.


It is possible that you wont get to this build as, if you own hard enough, the other team will surrender. I found that around 13 kills with Eve and very few deaths, the enemy team will crumble and will be too scared to step out of base because either you will pick them off, or they will be focused because of oracle

Hope this Eve insight helps for the Eve user that has a tough time winning games

If you have any questions, message me of find me in game. Summoner name: MrDiezel

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Senior Member


very nice mate =]

i enjoy reading it. Its refreshing

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Private Ramirez

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As a player of Eve, I found myself nodding through much of the guide. I'm no pro, so I never thought to use Sunfire Capes, but now I'm quite excited to go and try it out. What do people do once they realize they're just taking damage while standing there? It seems risky if they try to AoE, but with 40/80 damage per second and the stun of Stealth Walk I guess there's not much they can do if you only use it in the moments before Ravage.

All in all, good guide. Well done!

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Haha I never actually run next to people. Its more of an "in your face" tactic. Stand by them for a while til they see "45" goin off over their head. Then they know "Oh shi-" then just nuke em. hahaha. But yeah the whole walking with people isnt necessary.. unless they have very low health and you can save your double stun(hate spike) or ravage for someone else.

And if with new patch, AoE damage will do 30% less damage to Eve. So you shouldnt die harassing w/ Sunfire