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LoL University: New and struggling with the game? Play a game with me!

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Junior Member


Summoner Name: Quizno2912
Summoner Level: 5
Playing for: 3-4 weeks
Times on: Most weekdays around 12-4 PM EST and Weekends 1-3

There's a lot I need to improve on such as my last hitting, positioning in team fights, and when to gank other lanes. I like playing mid champions like Twisted Fate, Kayle, Lulu, and Ahri. I'd like to learn a few more roles though like jungling as I'm pretty much useless trying to do that Nunu and Warwick are the only junglers I've tried, also some top lane champions like Renekton, Jax, and Jayce.

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Junior Member


Summoner name: TylerbubGaming

Summoner level: 6

Playing for: About 1 weak or so.

Times on: weekdays: 8am-3pm, weekends 12am-3pm and 9:00pm- 4:00 am time zone is: EST USA

I kind of understand the game but, I don't know where to go from here (I like MELEE AD/AP and MAGE AD/AP classes). I want to know what is a good champion for those roles and need help when to engage in combat and when to fall back. Hope you read this! Thank you so much!!

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LL Hand J

Junior Member


Summoner Name: LL Hand J
Summoner Level: 22
Playing: Approx 3-4 Weeks
Times on: Most evenings 9pm and later PST

There's so much I need to know but I would really like to start learning more about the correct way to play support. I have had Thresh for 4 days now and I'm getting the hang of him (I know his skill cap is high, hense why I chose him. But I'm not quite sure about how to go about learning. I get the basics. But I really would love help on positioning, warding. I'm a very quick learner and have been gaming for the last 10 years. But have been playing games for the last 25. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks again.

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Junior Member


Summoner Name: Dezaranthis
Summoner Level: 3
Playing: Few hours
Times Online: anywhere from 6 PM - Midnight CST (I'm a college student so times can vary), but are generally within those hours.

I just started playing League (as you can tell by my time and level). I just finished the tutorial and I feel like I understand the object of the game and what not, but I would like someone to "take me under their wing" and show me the ropes, and help me find which champion best suits my play style, so that I'm not randomly going through each one to figure it out. I've played many MMO's, but this is my first MOBA. Thanks in advance!!

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Summoner Name - lWads (thats a lowercase L not I)
Level - 5
Play time - on and off about 3 days
Times Online - approx 3pm - 10pm CDT/CST

New to MOBAs in general. Would like to get into playing competitively at some point, but need help with basic mechanics of LoL. I have browsed through the forums for what i could find but there's a lot to this game, at least that what it seems like haha, and have a basic, BASIC, understanding of the gear system and the general do's and dont's. Would like someone to help me out with improving my gameplay in general. i.e., best character classes for my preffered play style, better ways for gaining/spending gold, what gear is better for "x" situation, etc etc. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance

Edit: btw, is this thread/LoLU still active? i know i see posts from recently of people asking for help but is anyone getting the help they need? Since Eggart left is anyone else taking up his mantle so to speak to help the noobs like me out? o_O

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Hey LoL University,
Summoner Name: Scifi42 Level: 5 Playing For: few weeks Time zone/usually online at: few hours on weekends, and the occasional weekday. I'd like to work on everything! I'm a total noob and I would really love to have a dedicated mentor. My playing time isn't set in stone and I'll probably play more if you can find me a mentor

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Junior Member


Can I have some help too? I know my favorite champs. I can last hit, well sort of. And I'm mostly a jungler, but I can't seem to get better.

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Goddess 0f W4R

Junior Member


Summoner Name: Goddess 0f W4R
Level: 7
Playing For: 3 days
Time zone/usually online at: Central. Usually online around 7pm-midnight every night.
I'd like to improve my knowledge of player abilities and what to buy in-game. I have down and understand last hitting and gaining experience (I think). I'm really new so I'm still trying to get a grasp on the controls and learning to control my abilities... so I'd really like to improve everything. I like to understand and know the game I'm playing and I really enjoy this game so the more I know, the better!

Thanks in advance

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Halfbodied Jish

Junior Member


Name: HalfbodiedJish
Level: 30
Playing Since: Sporadically since Lulu's release (about April 2012)
Availability: 4pm-12pm cst daily.

As stated above I've been playing the game on an off for the couple years now (mainly vs ai), but I've finally decided that I want to actually get into the pvp side of LoL. My standard history throughout pvp is I do decent during the laning phase but fall off considerably in the late game. I really just need help with positioning and vision in the late game with just about every role. Also tips on general map awareness would be great.

I have Skype, TeamSpeak, and even steam chat for whichever is easiest.

Thanks ahead of time.