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Designing Dominance: The Minions of League of Legends: Dominion

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ok .. after playing dominion theres one thing i dont understand... the minions.. they do nothing.. when you r taking a rival control point they just dont see you.. so its the same if they stay in the game or not. Other thing, some chars get unkileable quickly like jax for example. I think you have to study a lot more about dominion and the playabitlity. It´s seems that you ´r forgetting to mantain the essential concepts you r handling.. and you r adding some " cool aspects " that makes the whole proyect weaker.

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this dude above me is a fool who needs to play more

I love the new minion style and want to say bravo for creating the perfect tool in dominion for adding strategy elements beyond just kill cap kill cap. cause that would be boring

all in all i think it was nearly perfectly executed

on a side note... people play jax wayyyyyy tooo muuucccchhhhhhh in dominion. i already see that there is probably no way to stop this but its really annoying to never see the variety that i loved in summoners rift