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The Meta

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I have been really curious about the different Metas in this game.
First, there is the American Meta (correct me if I'm wrong) which goes: tanky top, mage mid, carry and tank/support bot, and a jungler.

Second, there is the European Meta, which I know nothing about. I do believe I did hear something about mobility but not much.

So my Questions:

1. The American Meta, why is this so? I realize that you would want your carry to farm up without too much worry of harass because of the tank/support but at the same time they are under leveled compared to mid and top lanes (unless you gain early kills from the jungler ganks).

This also can lead to a weak tank since they are suppose to allow the minion farm to go to the carry, which means they are usually (in my theory) are earning their points through assists (if any) and the few minion kills they can receive.

So why have them positioned as such? Why not move them around and have two tanky people at bot to push through and get the first tower?

2. The Euro Meta, if it is mobility, what are the methods? Mainly champions that just have a natural flash/dash? What are the usual summoner spells besides flash, if flash is even needed?

Thanks in advance for all who help.