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Eve of the Jungle: How to be effective early-game.

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Eve of the Jungle
How – and why – to jungle with Eve

Before I go into this, let it be known that I am making several basic assumptions for the people reading this guide:

1. You all know how playing LoL works. We’ve all been around the block a few times.
2. You know how Eve works. You’ve played against her, and with her, and know that playing her reliably in any significant fashion takes lots of work, thought and focus at higher ELO.
3. You know how jungling works, and why it’s an important early game strategy.
4. We’re playing on Summoner’s Rift.

I main'd Eve when I first started playing LoL.

At level 30, after more than 300 games, I don’t anymore. Despite the fact that I like her.

Lets be honest: Part of the reason we Eve players became Eve players, was because we saw an amazingly exploitable mechanic. After more exploiting then all the oil fields in the Middle East put together though, we also realized there were many other fun reasons to play her.

I could go into them. I won’t. They’re been cited in many other places on these forums.

But I still queue as her from time to time, with new ideas and new thoughts of how to play her. Some do. Most don’t. Mostly because, no matter how you cut the Evelyn cake:
1. Her early game is terrible.
2. Her mid game makes up for this by being amazing, but ONLY if you’ve survived the early game.
3. If you get to endgame, you are nine times out of ten shut down with almost fanatical devotion, or end up being little more than a walking stun, ward, and slower (assuming Rylai).
4. Her early game is terrible.
Unless we’re playing on a smurf account, in order to try and be terrifically broken again. But that’s cheap, lame, and honestly, not fun after a while.

Jungling is my answer to solving Eve’s early game problems. Putting aside the objection of “It’s not possible durr,” lets think about what it could do for us:
1. On par level gain. Quite often, the reason you fall behind early game is because you’re getting exp denied, or you get caught with your pants down in front of that newly minted ward in the bushes you didn’t know about, and spend the next minute taking the scenic path back to your lane.
2. You help your team by adding in another solo lane. I’m assuming, at higher levels of play, you have a team capable of benefiting from two solo lanes.
3. You don’t feed. Unless you don’t have good map awareness. Or unless there’s an enemy jungler, and you’re not taking steps. (More on that later).
4. You can carry off a gank at levels 5-7, with buffs and decent equipment. More importantly, you can continue to jungle until a good opportunity shows itself.
5. The enemy team isn’t adapting to you. It’s very much how the saying goes: “Out of sight, out of mind.” They know you’re jungling, if they’re smart (they can tab to see your creep kills). But they don’t have to deal with you, then they’ll focus on their early laning game.
Or they’ll constantly be looking for you and anticipating, which will aid your laning teammates.

Or they’ll ward and oracle right off the bat. The result? You’ll be able to pinpoint which players are willing to shovel out the money for oracles (and you’ll know to avoid), you’ll be happily jungling while their wards are ticking away, and their early builds will be gimped. Again, your team has the advantage.

Sounds like a good idea on paper? Interested? Here’s how you pull it off.

Masteries and Abilities

Proven to work is 9/0/21.
3 Archmages Savvy
1 Plentiful Bounty
4 Sorcery
1 Archaic Knowledge

3 Perseverance
1 Good Hands
4 Awareness
2 Expanded Mind
1 Greed
3 Meditation
2 Utility Mastery
1 Insight
3 Intelligence
1 Presence of the Master
I choose Clarity and Smite as my abilities.

Smite is the *duh* choice. Without it, you simply take too long before you can get the blue buff. It also helps you steal buffs from the enemy team, either by using it to finish off the golem/lizard, or by stealing someone’s hard work while in stealth. (Remember: Smiting does NOT break stealth!)

I’ve hedged against using Clarity for a while. But, for the purposes of jungling with Eve, it’s too **** useful to pass up. There’s exhaust and ignite as tempting choices… but right now, Clarity is essential for fixing Eve’s mana issues. Without it, you have to buy at least one mana potion to take down blue buff early game. Additionally, you’ll find yourself, time and time again, in a perfect position to melt-a-*****, yet unable to because of a mana shortage. I spec Clarity to give it team utility as well.

If you feel the need to change this setup, make sure you keep Awareness, Smite Spec’d, and Sorcery/Intelligence. Cooldown Reduction (CDR) is very, very useful on Eve, thanks to increasing the speed at which you can [Q] spam, and thus increase DPS progressively as you level, as opposed to a static increase of +damage.

To show you the math:
Hate Spike
Instantly damages the closest enemy f0r 25/40/55/70/85 (+0.28) and 50% of that to a second nearby target. Cooldown is 0.8 seconds across the board.
DPS = damage/time.

At level 1, 25 damage / every 0.8 seconds = 31.25 DPS.
With 9% CDR: 25 / every (0.8 – 0.8*0.09) seconds = 25 / .728 = 34.48 DPS.

At level 5 assuming 50 ap, 85 + (50*0.28)/0.8 = 99/.8 = 123.75 DPS.
With 9% CDR, 99/.728 = 135.98.

Don’t forget that this is also affects Stealth and Ravage cooldowns.


I’m still building an ideal rune set for this build. What I aim to end up with is MPen marks, % Dodge seals, flat CDR glyphs, and three +32.4 health quints. The additional health makes you surprisingly resilient early game, giving you a needed edge in both fighting creeps, and carrying off the initial ganks intact. I’ve found that most people, especially mid game, expect Eve to fold instantly under fire. If you can survive just long enough to get out even a few times, they’ll grow frustrated with seeing you get away, and focus other members of your team (who are likely better at taking damage than you are). This is especially true when you get M&S. There are many, many times where having that last bar of health upon a kill, added with the M&S gain, will let you escape that vengeful tower.

The dodge runes gives you an edge versus the multitude of CC you'll be facing, and have more Effective-HP than flat HP seals. Sadly, there's no room for putting a point into nimbleness, though I might change the build to 9/21/0 if some of the Eve changes go though next patch.


Take skills as follows:
Q (Maxed)
E (Maxed)
R (Maxed)
One level of stealth at 5 is good enough to last you until end game. With selective use, bush hopping and your CDR, you don’t really need the extra time that additional levels allow. And you need all the creep/hero killing power you can get, early on.


Start off with Cloth Armor and 3 HP. Eve does have mana problems while jungling, but we’ve already taken care of that with Clarity.

Then we go:
Madred’s Razor
Boots -> Mobility
Amp. Tome -> Sheen
Mejai (only if you’re getting out of control)
Fiendish Codex
Save cash for an Oracle/Brilliance potion around levels 6-10.

From there, build as you please. The Mobility Boots are a *must* though. If you’re jungling / lane hopping, you need the extra speed like nothing else. And timing / making appointments with nearly dead heroes is essential. Merc Boots are a close second, thanks to their amazing Unique passive, but fast movement will help your mid game tremendously, allow you to backdoor that much faster, and will help you get the drop on an oracle user (Remember: They can’t see you in bushes regardless of the Oracle, and they still have to react to you in time).

This build also allows you to build your Eve along an AP/AD/Hybrid build, as you please (with the exception of Mejai’s or Fiendish). I generally favor AP/Hybrid builds, so I’ve put those two last items in the list. However, if the enemy team has lots of detection (Warwick, TF, Corki, Kass, Clairvoyances), consider switching to LF/AD.

Early Game

To help with my explanations, I’ve marked up an overhead view of Summoner’s Rift. Red = blue spawns, purple = purple spawns. (Why I ended up marking the blue spawns red, I really don’t know). White = ward locations. You can find it as an attachment at the bottom of this post.

To do this correctly, you need to follow these instructions to the letter. You will play very close to the wire with this set-up, and every second counts.

Before the game, inform your team that you’re going to be jungling. Ask them to avoid killing any creep camps on your side, or hang around you. If someone has to lane switch, hold back from killing your first creep camp until they're passed. Every point of exp counts here.

Head to the #1 creep camp, and park yourself in the bushes nearby (so that you can see approaching enemies). If you think the other team might suspect that you’re jungling, ask for a hero from the neighboring lane to stay with you until minion spawn. (You’d be surprised how many times you can counter-gank for a FB this way). If they lock onto you and auto-attack, just start running circles around them while spamming [Q].

If the first camp spawns wolves, smite the large wolf and auto-attack the two blue ones. If it spawns golems, attack and smite one golem and IMMEDIATELY pop a health potion. If you do not, you will die while you polish off the second one. If it is golems, you will ding level two here.

Make your way to the #2 camp. If it’s wolves, pop a HP and start attacking the brown one. Try to shuffle step attack so he remains closest to you. If its golem, pop a HP, wait a few seconds, and then start attacking. DO NOT STOP ATTACKING! If you're still level one, you will be low on health after the first one dies, but after it DOES die, you will hit level two, and gain just enough HP to finish off the second one, provided you take a point in Ravage ASAP and use it.

Chances are that you will not be level three yet, but you need to be level three when you go for your blue buff, so head down to the #3 camp with the wraiths. Use smite on the largest wraith, and then RUN if you are low on health. If you do not, you will die. The only point of this is to use smite, ding third level with the experience, and blue pill once you’re out of their range. If you're at 1/3 health after smiting, feel free to mop up the camp.

Note: If you got two wolf camps, you will need to head down to the enemy territory's side and pick up their #1 camp, in order to ding level three. While you're crossing river (and make sure you look both ways), pop your last HP potion. You'll earn back enough money from killing this 3rd camp to make up for it. In this case only, buy an additional HP when you recall back to base.

Pick up a long sword, and head down to the blue buff (#4). To get the blue buff:
1. Ravage one of the lizards from behind and start auto attacking it, along with [Q] spam (Don’t stop spamming [Q].
2. IMMEDIATELY pop your last HP.
3. Switch to the second lizard. Kill it.
4. Start attacking the golem, ravaging when possible.
5. Use your smite when it comes up, and pop clarity when you’re at 1/3-1/4 mana.
You now have the blue buff! Yay! Things get a lot easier from here on out. One thing to remember: DO NOT RISK LOOSING IT. Wait until at least level five (if not six) before you start trying to gank.

Use your new power to wipe out camp #1 (which should have re-spawned by now), and blue pill back. You should also have enough money to pick up your Razor.

Head over to the Red Buff (#5), and do much the same as you did with the blue buff. Ravage a small lizard from behind, [Q] and auto it to death, kill the second, kill the lizard. Your Madred’s and the CDR of the blue buff will help you take down the red buff lizard quite quickly.

Jungle until you hit level five so you can pick up your stealth move. You then have three main goals ahead of you.
1. Get Mobility Boots.
2. Get your enemy’s blue buff.
3. Get your enemy’s red buff.
4. Get your first gank.
You can get the blue buff before level five if it’s about to run out – just lane check quickly to make sure no-one’s AFK. Kill it fast and leave, leaving behind one or two lizards, just to screw with the enemy *grin*. For the red buff, however, you really want to have stealth, both to get in, and to get out.

During the entire game so far, you should have been keeping an eye on your lanes, and the laning heroes. Is there a lane that needs help? Is there a lane in it with a gank waiting to happen? If there isn’t, go to that lane that needs help and sneak/ravage/spike a likely target. Don’t risk yourself! You man objective here is to burn down their health, so that they’ll be forced to play more cautiously (and give you allies a break). Split, and grab a few creep camps. If they’re still being aggressive, stealth back in and finish off your earlier target (you’d be surprised how often they don’t look for the second attack). Don’t forget that your clarity can help mana hungry heroes on your team; a dry Annie suddenly injected with 250+ mana can leap back into the game quite viciously.

Also, don’t pass up the opportunity to take a lane if someone has to pill back to base; AKA waste the experience. If the enemy laners try to rush you, stealth and wander around for a while (who cares). If they try going to a turret, harass mercilessly. You’re about solo-lane level in comparison to a dual-lane, and they should know who’s boss.

You should be level six-seven around this point. Start killing off creep camps on the enemy side in preference to your side. This has three effects:
1. You deprive the other team of their buffs and creeps – valuable resources in the final part of the early game.
2. You psyche them out. They know you’re wandering behind their lines and killing creeps behind their backs. This will encourage them to buy wards – more on that in a moment.
3. You mass up a lot of money.
Also take ganks of opportunity if one shows up. Mid is always a popular choice. Shutting down their carry hero will reap great benefits for your team in the late game.

Be on the lookout for heroes carrying wards. The very first time you see this, get an oracle next time you head back to base, along with 3-4 90g wards. Then head out, starting with the enemy side, to the white spots I put on the map picture. These, along with a few others, are popular ward locations. Also scout out the individual lanes. As you do, pop the oracle potion. Especially if the enemy team has countered Eve in the past with wards, you can expect a few wards to be popping up around the map. If it’s in a lane, let your creeps/friendly heroes handle it, and leave (who doesn’t want free gold?) If it’s in a bush, zerg it down and leave. Don’t waste Malice and Spites here – if you think another kill is coming up, pop it to accelerate to hyperspeed. You want to get this done as fast as possible, before they have time to react. If you feel safe, pick up creep camps along the way to reduce this down time.

As you scout the enemy side, replace these wards with wards of your own (AFTER you make sure you’ve cleared the area). Now, not only do you have eyes all over their area, but you also have a way to see if they try to re-ward. If they do, make a quick visit to the spot and punish them again.

Note: An ally with Clairvoyance on your team helps tremendously at this point. Not only will they have likely seen a ward or two, but they can also put a Clairvoyance down next to you, just in case killing their toys has triggered a retaliatory gank.

Mid Game

Teams are grouping up. 5 people in a lane is common. Tower pushes are the norm. You’re in mid-game!

Now is your best chance, at the start of the mid-game, to inflict some serious damage. Pick up a Brilliance Potion, and start clearing the enemy side of creeps. DON’T FORGET DRAGON! At level eight-nine, with Madred’s, soloing dragon is a definite possibility, especially if you have a M&S use up. Your teammates will thank you every time, and will motivate them to help you when that pesky guy with an oracle’s shows up.

Also, wait for the enemy team to start forming 3 and 4-man groups. When this occurs, flip to their side and start hunting for the stragglers on their team, anyone that fell behind in the early game, and is now using a solo lane to try and catch up. Catch them just outside of turret range if you can. If you can burn down to one fourth of their health, don’t be afraid to dive. You’re tankier than usual (thanks to your runes), and can take a few hits, while still getting away with the health boost afforded by M&S. (This, of course, varies from hero to hero). This is especially lucrative if it’s a Twitch/Shaco/Akali/Another Eve. They all rely on stealth for their escape mechanics. Remember that oracle potion? (Grins wickedly). If they’re playing smart, walk around the enemy turret (so that it’s stealth detection JUST sees you), kill random creeps waves, harass and pester… generally make a nuisance of yourself. This will pull enemies off of your team (which should then move in for kills), and force them to spend time helping their straggler. Meanwhile, you can stealth past them your pursuers, race in the other direction, and be with the rest of your team when they’re mopping up the pitiful 3-man group that was left to defend. Do this EVERY TIME there is a team battle. If there isn’t a hero you can harass, fast push and start burning towers. There’s three goals here:
1. Kill turrets.
2. Harass/kill stragglers.
3. Split the enemy team.
Eventually, there will come two things you will have to deal with: 5-man groups, and enemies with oracles. In 5 mans, especially hybrid/AP Eve, you are three things: a stun, crazy burst DPS, and a distraction. In other words, if a quick stun can’t net your team a kill, or if one of their guys can’t be isolated with you for 3-4 seconds, split around behind their group, and show your ugly mug, just outside of a bush. Chances are, their attention will be focused onto you for a moment, sometimes even resulting in 1-2 heroes splitting off to take you down (Remember: Eve ALWAYS draws a lot of aggro). Have your team take advantage of this. If you end up in a Mexican standoff-type scenario, and none of this is realistically possible, split off and burn down a tower. You move very quickly, and can pop in, kill a tower and leave. Just don’t start moving in that direction until you’ve stealthed (Or else they’ll know what you’re about to do). Remember: Every tower that dies is one more step towards a victory.

To oracle users, there are three tried and true responses:
1. Bait them.
2. Have your team focus them (dying twice after using oracles is usually more than most players can stand).
3. Simply acknowledge that they can see you. So what? When teams meet together, and you zoom in and burst a *****, it won’t matter nearly as much as you think, especially if you run out of a bush point-blank. If they decide to focus you the moment you’re in range, and you can’t get away, that’s a good chunck of time where they’re focused on you – and NOT your team. If they have a penchant for doing this, and they have lots of nasty CC, do NOT just run away. Ravage, [Q] spam, go down kicking. They will be punished many, many times by the rest of your team, which will eagerly mop the floor with them (especially after their carry DPS just had to limp off the stage). As Eve, I’ve traded my life many times this way, while netting aces for my team. It’s a worthwhile investment. This also often results in the oracle user dying.
End Game

Much of what I said about mid game applies to end game as well. Keep in mind: the longer the game goes on, the harder it will be for you to keep your killing potential. Ideally, you’ll want to see most games end at the 40 minute mark. Don’t stop splitting their attention, don’t stop getting dragon, don’t stop zerging down towers if they leave themselves exposed, and keep your wards up. Punish individual heroes every time you can without dying, even you can’t finish them off.

Do NOT get desperate for kills! Good Eve games are not characterized by ridiculous win scores; in the end, they’re characterized by whether or not you’ve won. Play smart, play patiently, know your strengths, and don’t assume you can’t be seen. Don’t forget that you can be a great small-group initiator, and don’t forget that an oracle on you, end game, can really ruin a Twitch’s day.


Thank you for reading! Later, I will post a secondary section, detailing how I think you should deal with a situation where an enemy hero is also jungling (partly because I have to do a little bit of thought and research into that myself). I’ll also be revising this guide when the new Eve changes come out (for better or for worse).

Have fun, and keep your head in the game.

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Section A
Other guides Definitely Worth Reading


If you want to improve your game, here's a quick summer reading list:

http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=71443 - Condon's LoL mission statement. All if it funny, all of it important, all of it worth reading.

https://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=56202 - How to Come Back from a Bad Start, by Vellios. Also very important; Eve players often don't know how to help when their team is behind. Two suggestions: Divide and conquer the enemy team, and read this guide.

http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=14432 - Playing to be Evil, by TheHeretic. Not exactly sportsman-like, but *grins* quite useful. Everything you need to know about mind games. Partly because she gets so much hate from the enemy team, Eve players need to know this kind of stuff. (For example, going after the straggler constantly? Forcing the enemy team to prop him up at their expense? That's the kind of advice TheHeretic gives in this).

Section B
Team Members - The Good, The Great, and the God-Awful


Note that the heroes I don't mention in this list I've put in the "...Eh" category. Not bad, but not ideal either.

The Good

Normally, two stealth in a single team is bad... but I make Akali the exception. When she's laning, and you're coming in for a gank, a great combo is start stealth / blade / stun / cloud / dash. It's an absolutely horrific amount of burst damage, and the slow effect of her cloud gives you more time to [Q] spam. Very deadly. Just make sure you wrap up that game by the 40 minute mark, otherwise you'll find both heroes de-fanged more often than not.

OK at setting up the early game lane gank. I mark her "good," instead of "...Eh," here, not because she's the best person to work with Eve, but because her AOE spam is ridiculous - an asset for any upper ELO match.

If your team needs sustained DPS, Ashe is as good of a partner as any. Her arrow initiation on a hero just behind the rest of their team can be an instant death if you're in the neighborhood. She's also good at helping you get away with Volley spam.

Good tank to partner with, who also brings a good CC to the table. Best at directing attention AWAY from you, especially when he's at six feasts.

Mainly included in here for his ult. Taking out a large portion of their health can serve as the set-up/finish-off for team Ace's. Have him ult their team, you move in behind during their WTF moment, take out their support, and pincer their team. Remember how often you almost kill someone, even when they're focusing you? This can be the start of a terrifying waterfall effect.

His more-or-less AOE silence helps your survival rate when you dive groups. Additional, having a Fiddle ult in disorganizes most any team (as long as he has backup!) Sneak in under the radar and pick off their DPS carry while they're re-grouping. Also a notable candidate for the second solo lane.

You thought it was annoying to take out Jax with two people? It becomes very, very ugly when Eve has been sneaking along with him the entire game. This combo makes it strangely easy to win 3v2. Don't hesitate to let Jax take most of the attacks - more times he dodges, the fun the two of you will have.

The only reason Karth doesn't make it into the "great" category is because he doesn't synergize any other way with you, apart from a hit-or-miss slow. His ult, however, is another story. So much of Eve's game focuses on being able to finish people off... Karthus excels at finishing people off. It's a win-win. And when he finishes ulting that guy you just beat up, who's recalling at their tower... you still get the assist health.

With Kass, you want to be the distraction. When the enemy team starts to focus down on you, Kass can shepherd in the rest of your team with some terrifying AOE damage. If pulled off correctly, even if you die, your team can net three, four kills easy if the other team don't react fast enough. And we all know what happens with a fed Kass...

When Kat Lotus's the enemy team, they focus you. When you pop out of stealth right after and eat someone, they'll focus you instead. When they realize that Kat's banshee protected her, and that she's STILL ulting them, they'll re-focus on Kat. When you finish off another guy with a recharged [E] and [Q] spam, they'll re-focus you...

His stun spam can help you make an escape, or set up an opening on the enemy team. Also a good solo laner.

Doesn't help you much.... except for a great initiator. Be in position when he uses unstoppable force to pick the enemy team off, or have him use it to turn a chase on you into a total rout.

Morde is one of the best tanks at whittling down the enemy team. Brought down enough, and they're ripe for a Ravage. Admittedly, most teams you'll be facing pack good healing, so this doesn't pan out too often. Doesn't change the fact the fact that he's a great wall to hide behind, has an ult that can finish off your target, and can throw a shield on you for stealth lolz.

Bloodboil, plus M&S is an unholy combo. Absolute Zero can also be the prelude to winning a team battle; pick their most important hero in the effect and pin them to the ground.

I throw the Spartan in here, mostly because his early game is so strong. Setting up the early gank with this hero is a breeze. His ult can also help you when you're back-dooring. Remember that two-man group heading south to stop you? That you can see with your wards? Have Pantheon jump in on the heels of your stun, and the enemy players are forced to either focus you and get smacked, or run. Both situations are winning ones.

Skilled Poppy players have good enemy team separation, but only if they know what they're doing. If they do, partnered with you, It's almost always a guaranteed kill. If they don't, though, you're putting your life on the line, when she accidentally pushes them into a tree 5 feet away, and you immediately follow up with your stun in an attempt to finish off the kill. (Or you flee, and endure the Poppy saying things about your Mom' recent weight gain).

Decent tank, and can separate by taunting and rolling to you. It's a very painful combination.

Caster Sion is very, very ugly. I don't care what hero you're playing. Having a caster Sion wade into their team with your tank spells very ugly times for them, especially when you take out that DPS carry they need to counter him, and Sion stuns him to seal the deal. Healing off of his ultimate doesn't hurt, either.

When you're coordinating team-fights, Soraka will save your rear many times over. She's also great at pinning the enemy team down when it's your four versus their five. Sadly, however, she doesn't make it into the "greats" because she has no serious offensive capability.

Taric would seem to have a good array of skills. A decent single-target CC, heals, armor reduction... the numbers just don't add up, though, since he got nerfed through the floor in the most recent patch. Don't count him out forever, though. Read your PTR patch notes, and take note of when Taric becomes viable again.

I include Teemo in the "goods" for his mushrooms. Running through a mushroom while fleeing can ruin your pursuer's day. And if it gives you enough time to stealth, turning back on them and finishing the job is a hilarious way to bring a chase to an abrupt close.

A decent separation skill with a good slow and the highest theoretical DPS in the game, complete in a cute package. Doesn't end up in the "greats" only because her separation, like Poppy's, takes a great deal of skill to set-up properly.

Twisted Fate
Great playing with for the same reasons he's a pain to be playing against: Destiny and Gate. Destiny can single out a lonely enemy hero, and your speed + gate can ensure his quick demise. Just remember that it's not an ideal pairing: good TF carries only shine late-game, as which point you'll be playing second-fiddle.

Double your CC, double your burst DPS, equals double both of your kills/assists. Just make sure it's a Veigar who knows how to farm early game and push hard.

The Great!

Separation, CC, heals, and an incredible meat shield. It's just what the doctor ordered! Just make sure you can finish off what he throws your way. Otherwise, he's little more than a three trick hero.

Not only does Amumu have a great initiator with his bandage toss, his ult is painful!! That much CC almost guarantees a kill if you're hovering around the edges. Add one or two more heavy AOE characters, take out the one enemy hero that would stop them, and you'll turn the enemy team into a fried chicken salad.

She has a ranged AOE stun. And burst. She's also a great solo laner.

(She also has a ranged AOE stun).

Let me get this out there: His other abilities don't help you much, besides toss. But every time this guy grabs someone, if you know what you're doing... Someone. Will. Die. Nigh every time. Clarity him up to keep the party going, and it's kills all night.

Again, excellent ability at separating the enemy team. He also has great harass and chase power. His beefiness ensures that, if he's getting focused, you have enough time to take the pressure off of him by cooking that evil Carry DPS.

Janna, in my estimation, is tied for Best Buddy for Eve with Kayle. She shields, allowing you safety when you dive. Her shield buffs your damage. Her slow can give you that split second more to chase. Her tornado disorganizes and disrupts, allowing you free reign for a few precious seconds. Her ult can separate enemy team members, and heal you to full in a heart-beat. Granted, there's a nerf in the air for Janna, but until that time comes, Janna plus you is just gold through and through.

The armored angel has a decent heal, and a slow. But her shield will facilitate rapage, again and again. Every time you dive the enemy team and eat someone, they'll focus you. Just say "no" to their efforts and have Kayle shield you, while the rest of your team falls on their unprotected rear. Then do a 180 and kill someone else, getting health from M&S and routing them. This is THE sure-fire way of netting aces for your team with Eve.

Not only does Morgana have a shield she can throw on you to eat all of their CC, but she also snares and does AOE damage. Distracting the enemy team while she uses her ult is a very ugly combo. Combining for snare kills in the final parts of early- and mid-game is a time tested combo, since your stun, stacked on her snare, give you optimal time for her AOE to tick their health away.

I have been saved by Shen more times than I've had hot meals. His ult can turn chases around completely - you can do a lot in the time it takes for them to break his shield. His taunt is also great for picking off heroes who aren't paying attention. Just all-around great support for a tank character.

If there was anyone up there with Janna and Kayle, it would be Singed. His toss is amazing for good separation, which would be enough to toss him in with the "goods." However, he brings much more to the table than just the toss. It is depressingly easy to get kills/assists when the enemy team is running after Singed. Picture: Singed is at 1/3-1/2 HP, and running away through the jungle with poison trail on. The majority of the enemy team commits, taking damage and taking themselves farther away from their turrets. Suddenly, at the back of the group comes out a stealthed Eve, who picks off the last hero (who's on half HP) and runs off laughing. Then Singed turns around, and flips someone away from the rest of the team, who you destroy, then turns to the rest of their group. You wade in with M&S up and [Q] spam, and finish off the weakened remnants. Few things are more satisfying. (Apart from bacon and eggs in the morning.... Mmm).

Much the same way Kayle has her shield, Zil has his auto revive. Have him throw it on you and distract their team, while he throws down bombs and speeds up your Carry DPS. He also makes a great solo laner. Just don't depend on him to save you every time - other people will need revive, and the CD timer is pretty long.

The God-Awful

There are many times Nasus is quite good. It's usually end-game though. In mid-game, he just doesn't do enough damage to really get everyone focused on him. Add in the fact that he has no hard CC, and the enemy will eat you every time you try to back him up, and finish him off as the salad course. There's nothing happening here.

Double stealth is NEVER a good idea. How do I know?

Double duration-based stealth in a team ****ing sucks, dude. And it makes you smell like poo.

See? If GOD said it, it has to be true!

Seriously though, having Eve AND Shaco on your team is just begging for a shut-down. This guide helps you take care of a moderate amount of stealth detection. Nothing can stop it if EVERYONE on the other team is springing for spy-toys, though, apart from colossal luck (or stupidity on their part). Normally, if this was just you, you'd be OK, since they'd be spending a third of their money countering a fifth of your team. With Eve AND Shaco, that's the vast majority of your DPS shut down for the rest of the game. Unless you're all DPS. In which case, you're probably boned anyways.

Thanks to the fact that his stealth also a flash effect, Shaco is STILL slightly more preferable than...

No. No. Just say NO to this pairing. It might seem nice to have both slows and dots and burst stealthing around the map, picking off people, sharing drinks and reminiscing about game-day patches... but let me get one thing straight: It never works. I don't give a **** how good you are with Eve OR Twitch, this will never be a viable strategy.

If the Seraphim of Heaven shine a holy light down upon your team, you crack the secret cheat code of League of Legends and turn on God Mode, and every roll of the dice turns up double-six's for you, winning with Shaco / Eve is... possible. There's no way it'll happen with Twitch though (Unless you're smurfing. In which case, grow a pair and do Match-Maker on your main account already!).

If you're following this guide, both Warwick and Eve benefit both themselves and their team the most by jungling early game. Unless you really think you can jungle opposite sides of the field at the same time, this is not a viable pairing.

Unless you REALLY want to lane as Eve. I mean, REALLY want to.

Just sayin'.

(Counter-jungling tactics coming soon!)

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record number of queue dodges today, sir.

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It sure sounds like you know what you are talking about bro, I've never played ever before but i might have to give this one a shot :P

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@ Dssi: Make sure you do this in a practice game first. Especially if you haven't played Eve before. If you're trying to learn how to jungle, I suggest you try it on another hero first; jungling with Eve is hard, and if not done correctly, quite slow. (As it is, your level gain should be about on-par with the solo lanes).

@ Chisleu: *Laughs* Not sure if I should be miffed, amused or feel congratulated.

To be fair, you *will* be queue dodged a fair bit when you say the magic words "I'm going to jungle as Eve." You're best off trying this build out a few times in practice, then joining up with pre-made friends who know you, and who are willing to hang in there with you if you find that you're still learning the ropes. Also, heroes with shield effects will help out a great deal (Nothing says screw you! like when the enemy team wastes all of their time trying to kill you, and Kayle shields you, wasting their valuable time - and one of team members *grins.* Even if you're shielded at almost-dead health, keep in mind that M&S will bump your health bar up a bit after that kill).

That's one thing I should add later: heroes who you'll pair well with, with both Eve in general, and specifically with this build.

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I've shied away from Eve since getting queue dodged is annoying but this looks like fun. Kudos on an original build.

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@ Chisleu: *Laughs* Not sure if I should be miffed, amused or feel congratulated.

To be fair, you *will* be queue dodged a fair bit when you say the magic words "I'm going to jungle as Eve."

Just selecting eve is a recipe for 2-3 queue dodges before I get a game. haha

I'm using this build right now. I used it last night, but one lane fed their face off (4/0/2 gragas at 11 minutes) and he got oracles. We couldn't come back.


Lost again. Last game we had a dps mundo and tank trynd.... neither did any damage, but mundo was sure to chase down their almost dead team after our team died (he was creeping during teamfights and wouldn't stop when we pinged, but came when we died and almost killed their team. he was 16/1/14, and it's a prime example of why KDA means nothing._

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(Gets out a mug of tea for Chiselu). Take a deep breath man... let the healing begin...

*Laughs* As I said, premade groups (especially with vent) are always going to be where Eve shines; partly because you want split-second communication when you're coordinating attacks (skype can be a good stand-in), partly because your team needs to be cohesive tactically. LoL is part theory-craft, part micro skills, but it's all tactics.

Tank Trynd is very *meh* in my opinion. He's sort of the like a specialty breed dog that fascinates for a while, but is detested after 3-4 weeks of it peeing in the house. Trynd's DPS builds outshine his tank builds so utterly (especially when people don't keep in mind how bursty he can be) that you're *far* better off having a DPS Trynd, and picking up a Cho/Shen/Malphite/ANYONE with more team utility. Tanks are for initiating and sustaining team fights, and until they decide to wallop Tryndamere, he's rather ignorable (as opposed to that Soraka in the back they've been salivating over all game).

I'll be putting up that "Team Member suggestions" section later today.

In all honesty man, if you're in a team comp that's a guaranteed fail, either try switching to fill the gap, or dodge the sucker. Eve IS fun to play, but don't leave your team out in the cold without, say, a hero support.

As for queue dodging in solo... at the risk of sounding hypocritical, it's the only way sometimes you can break even with decent games at 25+. 5 minutes of waiting is better than 30 minutes of jaw grinding frustration. DON'T leave immediately if everyone's initial choices look bad. Try convincing them to change, or change yourself, first.

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Jungling eve is very good at taking the heat off of a feeding jax.

EDIT: you meant Sorcery, not alacrity in your specs.

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Gah! Thanks for catching that.


Also, after looking at the math-crafting on this board, I'm going to switch out flat HP runes in the guide for yellow Dodge runes. The Effective-HP is higher, and allows you to dodge CC's that could normally ruin your day (TF's gold card comes to mind).

I might take it out though - a % dodge is not as dependable as flat HP when you're jungling close to the wire... but we'll see. (Admittedly, I have to BUY the **** things first).