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i thought dominion was supposted to come out?

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Shini Laser

Senior Member


I'm really blown away by the people that say "NUH UH They never said that!"

Um... yes they did. I wish I had the link to the Red Tweet a couple weeks ago that said "Next champ release Dominion comes out" = This patch.

PC Gamer "You will be playing Dominion by the time you read this."

Since they announced it. "Right after Pax" and "At the conclusion of Season 1"

Seriously they have said it at least 30 different ways.

Though this is also the company that is a mochery with the use of "Soon(tm)"

It's actually pretty sad how they either don't respond. Or when they do, they are just wrong.

PC Gamer is not an official source of information, they are essentially a tabloid magazine for gamers. Now, either provide links with the other things, since the only official thing that Riot let out was "SHORTLY AFTER PAX".