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The Story Of My Galio Build.

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So I started playing Galio on his recent Free Week. I decided not to look at any builds or guides and just fabricate one all by my lonesome as I have a fair amount of runes at my disposal.

At first I was playing tank. I love tanks so it was pretty enjoyable but I thought to myself "I already have several tanks I can play... Maybe I'll just troll a normal game with a caster build lulz". Glory ensued.

So far this is the build I've thrown together:

Marks: x9 MPen ~ Obvious reasons.

Seals: x9 Mana Regen ~ Galio struggles a bit with mana.

Glyphs: x9 Magic Resist ~ Synergizes with his passive.

Quints: x3 AP ~ Ability Power...

Standard 9-0-21 Masteries

I start with Dorans Ring

Then I rush Haunting Guise

Merc Treads*


Abysal Scepter*

Frozen Heart

Sell Dorans and pick up Rabadons.

* ~ Keep in mind these provide extra damage with galio's passive

Anyways, hate all you want but I made it up on the fly and it works pretty well for pub stomping at least. Has anyone else tried a caster build for Galio and had some success?

If so, I would love to see some other builds.



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Back when Galio was good, I played a caster-esque style. However, you definitely want to take advantage of his passive to some degree which you don't do very well.
Too bad MR quints are so inefficient. MR=15g each vs 20g for an AP and yet it only gives 4.5 MR vs almost 5 AP!

I'd recommend a Meki and 2 health pots. Dorans Ring is alright but you are very vulnerable to harassment with no healing....especially since you are MELEE and have to move in to get last hits.

On first B, get a CHALICE. This dramatically increases your ability to use both Q and E to deal some real damage in lane. The magic resist helps you resist their nukes and boosts your AP as well.

I'd recommend sorc boots over merc treads. As caster style, you generally stay far enuf back and 20 MPen for 700 is a lot better than +25 MR for 850g. But I would not upgrade immediately since you want more AP to be able to farm entire creepwaves ASAP.

Haunting Guise is alright I suppose. I'd probably skip it though and just get a Negatron Cloak which will boost AP by 24, MR by 48 for really cheap. This makes you VERY hard to damage.

YOu will eventually upgrade the Negatron to an Abyssal, but focus on AP first.

I'd start looking at an Evil Tome next. The AP is quite solid, and the MP5 is good. But the draw is the tasty 20% CDR! With Galio's cooldowns this is extremely good to have.
You might skip this if you think you can take BlueBuff for most of the game, which is not typical.

I'd then get a Giant's Belt and work on a Deathcap. This really cranks up the damage output.
Then get a Rylais for the minor slow effect and more AP.

You might consider an early Soulstealer. Galio has the range and with 2 AoEs and a shield he can use on a carry, he can rack up assists fairly easily.

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Your build looks fairly good, actually. As stated above, you could be making better use of his passive, but I think the main problem I see is that you're ignoring armor until rather late in the game. No armor runes, no armor items till the Frozen Heart in the #4 slot. This means if you use your ult, you're going to be killed before it goes off. You've taken one of the most disruptive ults in the game and made it a suicide button.

Try armor seals instead of the mp5 ones. Get clarity to make up for it. And build thornmail as maybe your third item. I don't like the chalice suggested above, it simply doesn't do enough for you, as your mana pool is fairly tiny to begin with. Maybe something that gives AP and mana, but still synergizes with your tank like nature; say a RoA.

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I've mained him for sometime, and theres definitely nothing wrong with grabbing a deathcap some games. I run this guide: http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-galio-guide