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Lets talk runes

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For Dominion I see a different set of runes become viable, especially level based ones. As you'll reach level 6 within minutes and will be around 15 within 10 minutes I suppose many of the runes can focus on late game strength...

With a constant gold income and 1375 starting gold many aspects will change.

Here are some thoughts:

- Magic Resist per level Quints, Glyphs seem exceptionally strong and even Seals / Marks can work
- Armor per level Quints and Seals seem ok too
- AP per level Quints, Glyphs and even Seals give a late game damage boost
- Cdr per level are very strong imo

- Gold / 10 Quints are compeletly worthless on in this mode
- Flat and level based Mana Regen seem pretty useless
- Health Regen also seems pretty lackluster on this fastpaced map

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'c00l st0ry sherl0ck h0lmes'