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2 Questions about the upcoming Mac support. (ATTN: RIOT Staff)

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1) Is it a port or a native client? I keep hearing the word native thrown around, but as far as I can tell it's a port. Like the ones EA released that didn't perform as well (Which is obvious, not really anyone's fault)

2) Will the clients work on the same server? I'm assuming yes, but saying that the timetable for patches is the same makes me think that it was planned to release patches at the same time, not that the patches will be released at the same time because the clients are for the same server.

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Greetings Summoners,

Do you like apples? How about computers? Then it will please you to hear that League of Legends will officially be going Mac. We've recently reached an accord with TransGaming to bring League of Legends to the Cider Portability Engine. That's a super-fancy way of saying we're working with them to help make the game run in Mac OS. Working with TransGaming will allow us to bring our Mac fanatic friends a quality port of League of Legends without derailing our current development timeline for Season One.

With so many Mac users embracing their inner gamer in recent times, we've decided that we want to open the door for you to participate. You'll be pleased to know that the Mac version of League of Legends will feature the same update and release schedule as its PC counterpart, and will, naturally, be available for free on the League of Legends website. So if you're a Mac user who has been losing a ton of sleep over how badly they want to play LoL (or at the very least, you've gotten sick of loading Boot Camp), check back in this summer to go native in your beloved, Mac OS client. Current League of Legends players going Mac for the first time will be able to keep their current LoL accounts, and all Mac users will be able to mingle freely with their fellow League of Legends players on PC.

If you'd like to take a gander at the official word, you can check out the press release over on the Riot Games website (http://www.riotgames.com/news/riot-games-and-transgaming-to-launch-league-of-legends-for-mac/).

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