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Sion --> Ultimate Tank

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[FONT=Arial Black]

Sion - Ultimate Tank Build
This guide is for those who want to be your team's meat shield/tank. Your purpose will be to be the first to wade into the action and buy the rest of your team those precious seconds they need to get into position and unload their abilities/damage on your opponents. While also occasionally being the "puller" that baits enemies back into the waiting jaws of your mates. Sion excels at this role due to 1) his passive reduces incoming damage and 2) his main ability (enrage) adds max hp to his pool on every kill, and he very easily gets last hit with his massive swings!

[FONT=Arial Black]Recommended Runes:[/FONT]

I honestly haven't messed too much with my rune pages since I first created them, but for my Sion builds I focus mainly on maxing dodge runes (yellows), crit chance, and crit dmg(reds), and mana/cooldown reduction (blues).

[FONT=Arial Black]Recommended Summoner spells:[/FONT]
1) Teleport - A must, as a tank, you are gear oriented. Its not only important to be sure to always be in a lane farming gold and hp (through enrage), but also keep your level up at least with the next highest opponent in order to keep your hp high enough to take the bigger hits.
2) Flash or Heal I used to rely more on flash since it can be used for both defense and offense, but I've noticed heal has given me the upper hand more often during the first half of a game when your in a close fight and you pop it when your at 10 - 20% health and your opponents suddenly lose the advantage, which is what you planned all along!

[FONT=Arial Black]Recommended Item Build[/FONT][FONT=Arial Black]:[/FONT]

Regen Pendant - (Super important in order to stay in your lane + it turns into Warmogs)

Berserker's Boots - (You need speed in order to swing that massive axe of yours and since Sion has one of the lowest attack speeds out there, the 25% increase helps you out more than it does almost any other)

Warmogs - (build the mog using the Pendant you got at the start of the game, the mog is key to this build and also ensures your beastly damage when you reach lvl 18 and you complete the other items listed. As soon as you build the mog, you will need to dedicate a little bit of time to farm a lane solo since now with enrage+warmogs you gain a ludicrous amount of max hp every kill you get; so get your kills quickly so you can back your team up!) At 18, there is no excuse to not have at least 3.7k - 4k hp if not more, unless you haven't been farming hp correctly earlier in the game.

Atma's Impaler - (Since you've worked hard to get your hp up, now it's time to make you dangerous enough to get focused on so your team can safely stand behind you and kill your enemies. Atmas gives you +crit which is awesome considering your massive swings but the real advantage of Atmas is that you convert 2% of your max hp into dmg!
4,000 x .02 = 80! Holy Balls! That's 80 dmg and +crit for next to nothing, super cheap!

Atma's Impaler or Infinity Edge - (At this point you have the choice of getting another Atma's Impaler or if the gold seems to be flowing in freely and you haven't had a need to return to base in a while, I highly suggest moving on to an Infinity Edge)

[FONT=arial black]Suggested ability guide[/FONT]

Always increase ENRAGE first, then STUN.
Until Ult is available, then skill up up Ult before anything and ENRAGE/STUN.

[FONT=Arial Black]Why this build works[/FONT]:

This tank build is meant to be an ACTIVE TANK not REACTIVE TANK. You have to think one step ahead of your opponents and always be aware of what abilities they have up or on cooldown. You tank for your team by keeping key opponents on the run (running away from your massive axe swings!) and by stunning CONSTANTLY in major battles. Your STUN will save your mates lives more than your body ever will! REMEMBER THAT! If you are about to get a kill and your mate is about to die and you only have one stun, YOU SAVE YOUR MATE WITH THAT STUN! You are a tank, not a carry, leave the kills to your carry.

[FONT=Arial Black]How to play[/FONT]

) Early-game - simply worry about staying behind your creeps, avoiding those pesky ranged champs and run in to the front line to last hit any creep under 40% hp (you can one-hit these with enrage lvl2). Do not just stand at the front lines swinging dumbly if you are in a lane with a ranged opponent since they will simply plink away at your hp until you are forced to retreat or blue pill back to base and lose valuable time.

If any enemy gets relatively close to your frontline (and you have creeps to back you up) then shoot off a stun and swing once or twice (NO MORE) and then run back behind your creeps. Two hits from Sion with Enrage is about 30 - 40% of most champs hp at early levels.

2) Mid-game - Continue to farm HP/gold but look around the map, if you see another lane with an opponent at 50% or less and they are pushing into one of your towers, run over real quick and toss em a "STUN+TWO SWING COMBO" and if they run let em go, if they stay they die. Either way, you saved a tower and cost them a blue pill or death. Then return to your lane quickly. It doesn't matter if your lane got pushed back while you were gone since Sion works best defending a tower. If you STUN someone while they are in range of your tower, the tower will exclusively begin targeting them and almost always score you a kill until later in the game when champs have more hp. So if you get pushed back to your tower, just smile and save your mana for STUNS that will for sure land when they are IN RANGE of the tower. Don't waste mana on STUNS outside of tower range unless you have pushed your opponent very far away from your own tower.

Late-game - By this time you should have your mog built and be well on your way to your first Atma's Impaler. You should already have farmed your extra Warmog's hp. Now you should exclusively be sticking with your mates and pushing up the weakest lane towards an inhibitor. You eat towers like nobodies business and if enemies jump your team, you stun the nearest/weakest one and start bashing. If one of your mates starts getting focused, you stun the enemies smashing him/her. When your team is deep in enemy territory, tell them to spread out into the jungle sides and you walk ahead and "bait" enemies into chasing a little into the waiting two pronged attack of your team. Your main job at this point will be to:
1) STUN STUN STUN (you have a very low cooldown STUN)
2) to INITIATE fights
3) and to perform REARGUARD when your mates start wetting themselves and retreating frantically.

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Any idea on how to get the stuff in brackets to actually display the way its suppose to? I tried using the guide to make guides but I guess it didn't work out lol!

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atma's impaler 2% attack from HP is unique and doesnt stack, i highly suggest putting more thought into your item guide =P

and if all you have is warmogs and atmas...sion is nowhere near CLOSE to being "the ultimate tank" ...with that item build i wouldnt even call him a tank at all....and as it stands right now i dont call sion a tank as it is though >_>;

Edit: Ok, to be fair to sion i will call him something, but not a "pure tank"

In my mind there is a lot of different styles of heros

Pure Tank (somebody who can take hits EXTREMELY well, IE: Alistar, Rammus)
Support Tank (people who get high hp, and have supportive style skills, but no defensive skils, IE: Cho'gath, >>Sion<&lt
Carry Hero (the big DPS/killers, IE: Ashe, Tristana, Master Yi)
Support DPS (damage dealers that come paired with good support abilities, IE: New Kayle, Twisted Fate, Blitzcrank)
Nuke Caster (the big DPS nukers IE: Ryze, Veigar, Annie, Anivia)
Support Caster (more hp than nukers, usually having multiple benefits to teammates but little to themself, IE: Morgana, Janna, Soraka)

between those 6 categories, pretty much everyone has a defined role... but thats the beauty of LoL...thanks to itemization, you can hybridize a naturally "Support Caster" like morgana, build her with 150-200 armor, 100-150 MR, and about 4.5-5k hp...and become a Support Tank.

Thus is the beauty of LoL <3

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all sion needs is hp,cd reducing items and mass as++
sion is LoL's loa

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When i tank sion i usually jungle(I dont tank sion in solo only premades)
Heres my build it works really well.


Flat HP Quints
Flat Magic Resist Glyth
Flat armor Seals
Flat Armor Pen Marks


I tend to use 21/0/9 or 0/21/9
Getting utility master.

Summoner Spells:

Ghost(To catch enemies and stun them)
Smite(To Steal Dragon from enemies and jungle)

1: Start up

Cloth armor + 5 hp pots.
Head to mana golem.
Choose shield as first skill.
Once he spawns pop shield and hit him.
Pop hp pot as soon as u take damage.
Pop smite. keep throwing on shield well wacking him
then kill his lizards, Then go to wolfs > wraiths > Lizard > 2 golems > If you have over 300 hp and bot is gankable a gank at bot > Their Mana Golem > Thier wolfs > Tp home for items.
And level up order is
axe damage thing.
axe damage thing OR stun if you gank bot

2: First Trip Home
Here i like to grab
Boots(tier 1)
and 2 null magic mantels (To turn into ga and treads)
alternatively you could grab a chain mail(Also for ga)
If you have enough left over a hp pot or 2. (Their always helpful)

3: Continue to farm
Continue the jungling and do a possible gank at top and once you
have enough for treads and another piece for ga head back.
Gank if possible at top lane. Cause you will head to your wolf
then their lizard, wraith and 2 golems.

4: Gank/Dragon
At around 10-15 minutes you have
Merc Treads
Chain Mail
Cloth Armor

Then if everything is looking good and noone needs help
go dragon. Popping ulti to heal and smite to finish.

5: Further play

I wont tell you how to play further cause this is the time you tend to just pop in jungle for buffs and you leave to gank and push.

Further item build in usual order of build
Merc Treads
Gaurdian Angel
Banshees Veil
Radiums Shield
Thorn Mail(If neccasary)
Frozen Heart(If neccasary)
Frozen Hammer(If neccasary)
QuickSilver Sash(If necasary)

Your Role in fights:
To run in with shield on stun a squishy hero pop ult and wack him and chase
all this well your team screws **** up. (Pop radiums shield if u have)

The reason i choose to jungle is i find myself most ineffective in a lane when im building tank. + You get more kills with less hassel jungling and ganking.

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This is not a good guide.

You want a Sion Tank, why not ? But then :

- stack armor and MR before HP

- max shield before stun

- dont take 2 atmas FFS

- dont take berserkers ! you're a tank, come on, you ll need those mercurys or tabis.


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Seriously bro, Im so tired of fail ****s posting OMG UBZOR WINZ Guides of ****, that lead NEW players to try them, and ****in suck because of it.

WTF Warmogs on Sion? Really? The ONE toon in game with a passive HP per kill, who can easily get 3k hps WITH NO HP items, you wanna stack MORE hp onto him? So like.. a madreds hits you for 60 a pop? Shut the **** up

Atmas impaler? The **** is terrible first of all, and secondly it doesnt stack, so shut the **** up

Berserker Greaves? Holy **** just shut your mouth right there, a ****in tank with Berserkers should go die.

What else... hmm... Oh, HEAL, ****IN HEAL on Sion, first of all ANYONE that runs heal basically besides TRynd is a ****in scrub, as that **** will save you all of 3 times before lvl 12 and then its GG heal. WTF bro

Dodge runes, how bout mana regen cuz I ****in know you run out of mana in 4 spells, I play the **** out of AP sion and STILL run out of mana every teamfight, no ****in way your doing anything with dodge seals.

Lets face it, SION is not a real tank, any tank that doesnt have real cc, is not a tank. If you build tanky, you will do **** damage and no one will ****in care about you, if you build AP, youll rape an entire team, but more than likely get focused. Since your not a real tank anyways, might as well go AP, or if your ballsy go AD Sion. Tank sion is fail, because once again, you might have 6k hps, but your not killing ccing or killing anyone.

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HellBound Boss

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you sir don't know a good hybrid build when you see it

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Come on, the guide is called "Ultimate Tank"

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Angry gorilla

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You guys really dont realise this is from 2009 ?