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Time for Some Viewer Mail

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Wow, this makes me jealous :Þ! Wish I had something like this in fourth grade, my teachers just pretended to mail our work...

Anyways, to the haters, it's not a bad thing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Also, it IS believable that he's 9 or 10 and plays LoL, it's just more or less unlikely. Back when I was 8 years old or so, I played the original DoTA. My memory isn't that clear, since it was a long time ago (and I do have some years where I hit a slump), but I do recall that I was MUCH better than quite a number of players. Age doesn't matter, it's all about learning how to play, which helps with an interactive, helping community (There was MUCH less rage back then... now even the noobs complain like they know what they're talking about). Fortunately, our community is pretty helpful, mostly.

If you still doubt the probability of a 9 or 10 year old playing games, then you fail to note that some characters are ridiculously easy to learn to use. Kids could play quite well because of characters like Rikimaru from DoTA. Rikimaru had permanent invisibility at level 3 and hero killer ward at level 6, meaning he was NOT hard to use (though people older than me at that time were rather terrible). He was just newbie-friendly and so were some other heroes. So, I had a good time getting whooped by people better than me, but I also learned how to get better. Being a kid doesn't mean you aren't allowed to play.

Likewise, Shaco has amazing tricks up his sleeves and can escape fairly well thanks to deceive. Stop hating on the kid because he's younger than you - There is a CHANCE that he can whoop you. Don't be so headstrong, it's a game anyways, a great game that is.

TL;DR - Just be jealous of that kid and leave it at that, flaming only makes you look poor and sad. Kids can also play games.

you're absolutely right, i started playing games at age 5 or 6 or so, so there's not really much to be amazed about. and some characters really are user friendly and when you get to know them, you really can be very good at the game. and the more younger people are the more they learn, so if someone totally new to LoL (not played DotA) starts playing Shaco at age, lets say 17, he/she can be very well be taken out 1v1 by someone playing Shaco starting at the same time but he/she being at age 10.

P.S rly good framed picture of Shaco xD but i personally would love a morde or akali, they JUST too good when u get to know em xD

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That's awesome. This also sounds similar to a story I read where a kid sent Nintendo their first letter and Nintendo responded by sending them a DS. It's good to know that companies still have a heart.

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omg the jealousy...

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That is one lucky kid...