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[Story] Tests of the Mind

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I WANT THE KAT/GAREN ONE MORE

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Part 12 - NEWEST

“I have something to tell you” Akali whispered, her eyes lowered looking upon the fresh Ionian grass.

“What is it?” her mother replied turning to face her daughter with a slightly concerned expression.

“Telling you would betray my duty to the order, but I feel not telling you would betray my duty to you, mother” it seemed clear that the teenage Akali was attempting to mask the sadness in her voice, but failing from the weight of it.

“Sit down” her mother stated softly and together they both knelt into the lush Ionian flora as the sun above bathed them in warmth. “Look at me, Akali.”

The ninja’s eyes moved towards her mothers, she knew that her own eyes would be the betrayer of her emotion. Anger however was not, as she expected, the reply; instead she was greeted by a comforting smile and a short grace upon her cheek by her mother’s gentle hand.

“Akali, it seems you’ve come to the point in your training where you realise there are many things you can dedicate yourself to, there is always going to be more than the order to think about. Other ideas or duties you feel obliged to honour-”

“But I thought we had to always honour the order?! Duty above all else?!” The distress in her voice forced her mother to chuckle.

“Akali… Let me finish” she again graced her daughter’s cheek with a soft brush. “You will find yourself having duty to not just the order. Take me for example, I have a duty as a ninja of the kinkou, but also duty to my beautiful daughter. I’ve made many decisions where one has taken precedent over the other and I regret none of them.”

“But, how do I decide? Which is more important?” She asked hopeful in the answer, but she was fairly sure she already knew it.

“That you will discover for yourself, but the important lesson here is… Duty above everything, but the kinkou will never be your sole duty” her mother rose from her knelt position and extended a hand to her daughter. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, and I’ve made my decision, thank you mother. There’s something I still have to tell you.” Her mother gave the young ninja a pause so she could ready what she had to say. “Next week, I have been ordered to challenge you for the title of Fist of Shadow. This is our last week…”


“I don’t believe it…” Lux stammered, her eyes becoming teary despite attempting to hold onto the drops. “How could… you do that and not tell me?”

“Lux, I’m sorry…” Akali began but was swiftly interrupted.

“My brother, he’s out there, helping Noxians!? And the league held him!? Without informing his family? Without real provocation!? Because of something you set him up for!?” She roared the tears now rolling steadily down her cheeks. “And you knew all along? You never told me… I could have helped him, saved him!”

Akali chose to remain silent so the Demacian could fully unleash her anger and sadness she held against the ninja. Her emeralds locked into place upon Lux’s glassy sapphires and for a while they stared at each other, Akali full of sadness and disappointment while Lux full of rage and betrayal.

“I’m going to see them” the young woman spat. “Under Demacian law they will answer for this!”

Standing up forcefully from her bed she began her march across to the door, but Akali swiftly intercepted her, blocking the exit. “Lux… you can’t.”

“Why on all of ‘terra can’t I!?” the grip she held upon her baton tightened as she wiped away stray tears. “You plan to stop me, ninja!?”

Quick on her feet the ninja leapt forward. Taken aback by the sudden movement and action of Akali the light mage threw forth a binding ball of light that the agile and keen sensed Ionian quickly dodged. Before she could react any further Akali was upon her, her arms wrapped tightly around Lux, but it was not for hostility, but a tight embrace of affection.

“Lux I’m… so sorry. I never meant to hurt you” Akali clenched upon the shocked young woman, her eyes tightly closed to avoid any tears from being released. “I wanted to tell you as soon as I found out, but I have an oath… it’s my duty. I know it’s no real excuse, but I hope you can… forgive me. I will do everything I can to make sure Garen returns here safely, but the league… they cannot know.”

“Why not? Akali, I’m not sure I understand what is going on…” Lux said with an exasperated sigh, although her slightly lessened anger stopped her from returning the embrace, she felt glad that Akali genuinely felt apologetic for what she had done.

“If you want me to explain everything Lux, I will, at least everything I know” Akali replied releasing her from the vice like grip of affection she applied. Lux took a seat back upon her bed and looked back at the ninja expectantly signifying she should begin her tale. “Well…” Akali began quickly scanning the corridor outside with her ears making sure no eves droppers were present. “It seems a Noxian plan is coming to fruition. A group known as the Black Rose is vying for control within the city state, they wish to replace the current military order of things.”

“Noxian affairs… how does this involve Garen?” Lux questioned adding every detail that Akali gave her to her mind for later use in deductions.

“It seems him and Katarina have become… close” she paused as anger once again became dominant on the youthful face of her friend. “At least, in the sense that they both fell into a well place trap concocted by the Noxian general Swain. Him and Katarina were framed for murder.”

“I can understand discrediting Katarina with a public murder to vie for control of Noxus, but why Garen?” Lux asked trying to figure out the situation, her face now void of anger and only seriousness and concentration remained in place.

“It wasn’t to discredit, it was to remove them out of the way publicly, to make sure the league wouldn’t be on their side for a while. You see, the Black Rose doesn’t just want control over Noxus, they want everything. Demacia is not off limits to them. The important leaders of Noxus have already been dealt with, Demacia is next for them to usurp. The – Your king is in peril” Akali explained, looking upon Lux’s face for emotional tells thought she seemed to remain mainly stern in thought.

“However… you know my part in this… to make sure both of them would be apprehended for this crime-”

“Continue” Lux stated her voice the most serious she had heard before, from this usually emotional woman.

“After that I was ordered to free Katarina from her imprisonment” the ninja continued. “Although no order was given to me to release your brother. Apparently it turns out he has been freed now and makes his way to Noxus to aid Katarina, for she is meant to walk right into a trap with Talon.”

“Why does Garen want to help her?” She asked almost furiously.

“Love” Akali said instantly noting the shock upon the light mage’s face. “Love for his king, his city state, its people. He knows if he returns back to the league, they will likely hold him for a while, long enough for the Black Rose to fully execute their plan so he intends to stop them now. He would rather do it with Katarina who also wants to save her city state, than try it alone. An enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the saying goes.”

“Will Katarina and Talon not be enough to stop them? Why does Garen have to go?” Lux asked her eyes moving away from the ninjas a look of serious contemplation overcoming her.

“The Black Rose expected Katarina to escape, but it seems they didn’t expect anyone to free Garen. She has most likely been captured, along with Talon. However the element of surprise lies with your brother actually helping Noxians or so the kinkou believes” Akali said seemingly coming to an end of the information she had.

“What does your order have to do with this?” Lux questioned suspiciously.

“You think a world where the two major city states of this continent are ruled by the same person would be balanced in our eyes?” Akali retorted. “This will destroy Valoran.”

“You still haven’t answered my question… Why can’t the league know?” the Demacian asked folding her arms and crossing her legs.

“If I’m honest… I don’t know. My order was very specific that the league could not know, so they ordered that no one should be informed” Akali honestly replied.

“So you broke your orders? And told me?” The ninja replied with a single nod much to Lux’s surprise. “Why would you do that?!”

“Because you’re my friend. You deserve to know, even if I couldn’t break orders to stop it happening, I can break orders to let you know. I care about you Lux” Akali said softly her head lowering in almost shame to admit something like that.

“What will happen to you, if the league finds out?” The young woman questioned the shock growing obvious on her face with each passing answer.

“I will most likely be expelled from the order, and so my position in the league will likely become null, and I could even be murdered for betraying the order and exposing secrets. I’m not exactly sure” she replied.

“So, you took a risk on me not telling anyone?” Lux questioned tying to get Akali’s gaze. The ninja once again replied with a single nod. “Akali…” the light mage sighed rising from her sitting position once again and embraced the Ionian. “Thank you for telling me, and thank you for trusting me, but I cannot just let my brother walk into this dangerous situation alone. I’m going to Noxus immediately to assist him, he is going to need someone who is magically capable if he really wants to try taking on the Black Rose!”

Akali returned the embrace before stepping back and looking into Lux’s dedicated blue eyes. “Right. In which case I am coming with you, I will not let you wander into one of the most dangerous places in all of Valoran by yourself especially if I am the cause.”

“Okay Akali!” She nodded almost joy in her lightened voice. “I think I know someone who will help, if you don’t mind an extra person knowing that is…”

“I would recommend bringing him” Akali agreed with the suggestion. “If we want to beat Garen there, we will need a summoner capable of teleportation, the walk will put us too far behind the fight.”

“I wonder who you could be referring to” Lux giggled with a small wry smile.

“I will ask him now, you and go inform Ezreal, I will meet you back here shortly” Akali said almost ignoring her comment. Lux nodded in agreement and they both swiftly left the Demacian’s bed chambers while the ninja swiftly kicked at the nervous protests rising in her mind and stomach. If this went badly… well she didn’t want to think about the consequences, she was too determined to help her friend.


“Sure I can teleport” Daelen replied nodding confidently. “I need use of the focus room and I can only take four people including myself, but yeah I can do it, why? Do you need to go somewhere?”

“To Noxus” Akali instantly replied. Despite the fact she was glad to be in his presence again, she did not let it display on her serious face.

“Okay… Why Noxus? Oh wait, ninja stuff right?” Daelen nodded and began preparing various necessities for teleportation within his chambers.

“I want you to know” Akali replied getting Daelen’s full attention and an intrigued look. “I am going to help Lux, who is trying to help her brother, Garen. Ezreal is coming too and I was wondering if you would take us?”

“Help with what?” Daelen chuckled unsure if the ninja was being serious. “I’m guessing this will strictly be off league records?”

Akali nodded in agreement. “No one from the league can know. Can I trust you, to fill you in on everything and for you not to tell a soul?” The question itself was simple, but the expression Akali held was stern and serious, and Daelen knew his answer was going to be judged.

Pushing away the nerves he stepped forward and gently grasped onto her hand. “Of course you can trust me, if you say don’t ask, I won’t ask. If you say don’t tell anyone I won’t tell anyone. If you tell me to jump off a cliff… well, I wouldn’t quite do that, but you get my point? Whatever it is you have to say you can trust me with it, but you don’t have to tell me anything. I understand.”

“Well… you asked for it, I suggest you sit down” Akali said with a small smile upon her face at his words.


“Wow, that’s quite a situation” Ezreal said rubbing his chin with his non gauntlet hand.

“I know, and I understand if you don’t want to come” Lux said stepping out onto her small balcony, one of the many that hung over the league’s gardens.

“Don’t be ridiculous, of course I’m going with you” he said placing an arm around her waist. “And if your brother should ask why I’m there?”

“Because you’re a concerned citizen of Valoran?” Lux suggested enthusiastically, but it was clear she didn’t believe that Garen would buy that excuse.

“I’ll think of something…” Ezreal stated quite passively.

“Or… I could tell him?” the light mage asked bringing herself closer to him.

“Really?” he asked quite shocked. “Will that not make the situation… quite hostile?”

“Garen may be tough, but he couldn’t take us both on!” her joke and wink was lost upon Ezreal’s clearly concerned face. “Look, it will be fine. If he doesn’t like it… well, it’s not like his choice in relationships are any better!”

The explorer chuckled as he rested his head upon hers and the two of them stared out towards the setting sun.


“Well… That’s something…” Daelen sighed taking all the information in. “That explains quite a bit…”

“The reason why I’ve been distant from Lux? The reason why I kissed Nidalee?” She asked to get a slow distant nod in reply. “So will you take us to Noxus?”

“Yes I will help, how dangerous do you think it will be? What would you recommend taking?” Daelen inquired now hastily gathering everything for the preparation of the teleportation ritual.

“What are you talking about? You’re not going” she stated almost like it was a fact already.

“Yes… I am” he replied rising from his crouched position at the bottom of a drawer. “What makes you think I’m not?”

“This is serious, you will get hurt, these are league champions, some of the best in fact!” Akali argued.

“I don’t care! If it is that dangerous then there is more reason for me to go!” He argued back slight scowl upon his face as he stuffed more items into a bag. “You think because I’m a summoner I’m useless in comparison to you oh-so-great champions!?”

“I didn’t say that” Akali replied lowering her voice to a soft tone. “I just don’t want you to get hurt, especially over something I have caused.”

“And I don’t want you to get hurt at all and if there’s something I can do to prevent it from happening then **** it I will!” He roared once more, approaching her quickly clearly showing his annoyance at what he believed her suggestion to be. One more thing became apparent to Akali though, and that was he genuinely did care a lot for her.

She stepped forward and placed a hand upon his cheek and gently pressed her lips against his. After a long embrace she stared intensely into his eyes, her emeralds sparkling in the dim light of his room. “Listen, I have no doubt in your ability, but this is Lux’s fight, and I promised I would help, you have made no promise to fight, so you should take that as a blessing! I hope for the day that I no longer have to fight. For you, it’s that simple right now. You aren’t ready for such an experience” her hand softly moved through his messy dark hair and she gave him a weak smile.

“I would agree with you, I’m not ready for real violence, where people may actually get seriously injured or even die. But I don’t want you to experience this alone, to know that I can actually do something to help, to make sure you get back here perfectly fine, well, that makes me ready” the young summoner replied strongly. “Besides, I have a secret on you now, so you can’t tell me to do anything anymore” he said with a large grin on his face clearly showing his jest.

Silence embraced the pair, for the ninja didn’t wish to argue the point anymore, there’s no way she could make him stay, and he was the only option for a covert teleport. “Fine” she eventually said. “But when you get hurt I’m going to be the one to have to patch you up.”

The mage chuckled. “If you wear that nurse outfit of yours maybe I will have to get hurt on purpose” he said playfully, cheekily wrapping his arms around her.

The Ionian rolled her eyes before resting her head upon his chest feeling his quickened heart beat. “I think we have to get to Lux’s room now.”

“Now? I would like to be with you…” he trailed off.

Removing her head from his chest she looked into his eyes before giving him a light reassuring smile. “We will have all the time, after we get back. It’s the one last thing I have to share with you, so don’t go getting too hurt ok?”

“I won’t” he said softly as he kissed her tenderly upon her forehead.

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Part 3 is up

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Update Friday?

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So is everyone shy or something? We only have 13 comments, but over 10 thousand views = =

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I did think that to be strange. :P

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they're probably just can't translate their honest admiration and the shame they feel upon themselves when they read his writing. But I think I just did, LOL.

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*waiting for update*

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12k views (my gosh!) Part 4 is up, but I feel I have to apologise, it's not very exciting I guess, lots of character interaction, but no action. I guess it's quite different from Black Widow's Web, so if you are expecting fight scenes n stuff, I'm afriad you may be disappointed as they will be lacking. Just so you know now

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"Test of Mind", not "Test of Strength". I feel like this is a good plot, although if that Daelen was to become Akali's suitor, he does not impress me :/ He stammered too much, and I always fantasize Akali being with someone cool, gracious, and understanding.
Someone like Shen, but not Shen himself. Someone like Akali could look up to and to be with at the same time.