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Legend Chef ! League Edition

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UPDATING NOTICE : I will update at least once a week. Usually Friday's (due to schoolwork and whatnot). So please have patience ><. And thanks to all who supports Legend Chef!~


INDEX : I've decided to add index cause it gets confusing with the parts and what not.

-Part 1, 2, 3 is in 1st page (obviously)

-Part 4,5 = 2nd page

-Part 6,7 = 4th page

-Part 8 = 7th page

-Part 9 = 8th page

-Part 10 = 9th page (released on October 12/2011)

-Part 11 = 12th page (released on October 21/2011)

-Part 12 = 14th page (released on October 28/2011)

-Part 13 / Part 14 = 15th page (released on November 4/2011) / (released on November 14/2011)

-Part 15 = 16th page (released on mid-November)

-Part 16 = 17th page (released on December 5/2011)

-EXTRA = 12th page

-Legend Chef ! Harrowing Edition = 14th page (released on October 31/2011)

-Legend Chef ! Snowdown Edition = 17th page (released on December 27/2011)


Caitlyn walks onto the stage and smiles to the audience, "Welcome Summoners and Valorans to the show that shows us fighting, but not with swords and magic, but with our hand. VALORANS, THIS IS...... LEGEND CHEF!, LEAGUE EDITION!"

Caitlyn's voice blared out through a ridiculously huge set of speakers, but the noise of the applaud easily covered her voice.

Caitlyn's dressed up in a beautiful purple dress that shimmers in the spotlight, with her black high heel complimenting it.

"Today, our champions will not only compete for the title of Legend Chef, but also 1 MILLION ip!!!!~ (institute points, that can be used anywhere)," Caitlyn yells through her mic while the audience screamed, shouted and some fainted after hearing the news.

"Well, let's meet our judges," Caitlyn said, "First up, we have our Demacia representative, a man who's knowledgeable in both delicious delicacies and exotic spices, give it up for the Seneschal of Demacia, XIN ZHAO!!!!!~"

The camera's immedietly moved to show Xin Zhao, dressed up as a chef for this occasion, "It is my honour to try the food my brethren's have prepared," Xin Zhao said politely as he bowed.

"Next up, the representative of Noxus is a women who's a men-killer, and sometimes literally. A women that's famous for her assasination skills and her nobility, but even more famous for not watching her weight...."

"ACHEMEHSECHEEHCM cough cough cough ahem ahhhh ahem ammmm cough cough" Katarina coughed while glaring at Caitlyn, "Uhhhhhhh let's give it up for the Sinister Blade, KATARINA!~"

"..... Glad to be here....." Katarina said, clearly agitated by Caitlyn's earlier comment.

"Now, for our representative of the Void, we have the elegant gentlemen, CHO'GATH!~"

Cho'gath, dressed up in his black suit and black top hat said while he holds up his wine, "Oh nom nom nom everyone!~"

"Oh, and who would forget our beautiful angel who's the fairest of them all, let's give a warm applause to judicator, KAYLE!~"

"Errrrrr, are you sure you're not in the wrong league?," Kayle said, while the audience laughed so much, some fainted (again)

"Of course, we can never forget Ionia and their beautiful representative, the will of the blades, IRELIA!~"

"My blade is at your service.... for food service that is!~," After seeing Kayle's joke, Irelia tried it as well.

(After a minute of awkward silence)

"Let's give a warm welcome to the beautiful, SILENT and deadly Irelia!~"

The camera showed a close-up of Irelia, who's smile is faker than LeBlanc's words.

"For the representative of Zaun, we have the handsome (and rich, Caitlyn whispers to herself) Dr.Mundo!!!!~"

"Mundo eats whatever he pleases," Mundo says wearing his buisness suit, "Mundo also critise whoever he pleases!"

"Uhhhh, moving on. We have the queen of Freljord and one of the League's favorite (but I think I'm better both in skills and looks, Caitlyn whispers to herself again), let's make way for the Frost Archer, ASHE!~"

"Thank you for inviting me to this "cool" event!~," Ashe smiled as the audience laughed while the camera again showed a close-up to Irelia, who's face is already starting to twitch.

"Well, that's all for the judges, and we'll meet the competitors soon, after the commercial !~"

(stay tuned for part 2!~)

I hope everyone likes it..... (I did this lore cause I'm bored XP)

Since not much voted, I guess I'll go on ahead with the making of the new story, The Tales of Fantasy by the Crownguard Siblings (and Caitlyn), Here's the link! : http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1343970

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Sarkan of Arkham

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The Fallen Angel Morgana, Owner and soe proprietor of Sinful Succulence (Obviously)

The famed baker of the Rakkor, Pantheon, who, after many kitchen accidents, has finally achieved his dream

The Prophet of the Void Malzahar, who honed his cooking abilities through the creation of new and delectable morsels for Kog'Maw to devour.

Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands, Is sure to bring a wide variety of meat based dishes.

Luxanna Crownguard knows that even giant prismatic lasers can be put to use in the kitchen. She's also known for the use of produce expertly grown and tended in the massive "garden" owned by her brother, Garen.

That's all I got. Anyone else think of any possibilities?

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^Dang bro, you've guessed so many right.... (and even those who I haven't thought up yet 0.0)

Well, anyway, I'll post part 2 up tommorow (I hope..... depending on my schedule)

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(After the League Music plays)

"Welcome back to Legend Chef ! League Edition, I'm your hostess Caitlyn and now we'll be introducing our competitors for this evening!~" Caitlyn said as the crowd hushed to see what champion would have the guts to come up and show their cooking prowess.

"First up, we have the beautiful and successful owner of the famous "Sinful Succulence", let's welcome the fallen angel, MORGANA!~"

Morgana comes in dressed in her Sinful Succulent baking suit, making the male audience scream with noses bursting out blood.

"Everyone pretty much know that your a whizz at cooking, but why would you still want to enter this contest?," Caitlyn asked the question that everyone's been wondering.

"Well, after hearing about the 1 Million ip, who could resist?," Morgana says jokingly and the audience laughed, and again, the camera zoomed in towards Irelia, who responded back by glaring at the cameraman ( "ummm, I think Ms.Irelia is going to kill us if we keep doing this to her", "Shush you, get back to your station and listen to my orders, that's why I'm the director duh!!&quot

"I'm sure you have almost everyone's vote considering how delicious your pastries are, even myself am a fan of Sinful Succulence. In fact, I once spend all my one-month salary just to buy all the different types of bread!~ I'm sure many people did that," Caitlyn said, waiting for the audiences laughter

(after a silent and awkward minute)

"...... Anyways, thank you, and I hope you win, you can get backstage now," Caitlyn said as Morgana walks back stage, giving the crowd a quick air-kiss before she went back.

"Next up, we have the artist who's skillful in both war, and cooking, let's give a big applause to the handsome and muscular PANTHEON!~"

This time, the female fans screamed, thrashed, shouted, hold out signs saying "MARRY ME PANTHEON XXX-XXX-XXXX", pushing their way to the front, and some even fainted as Pantheon walks in wearing a tight chef outfit where his muscle almost ripped open his cloth.

"Uhhhhhhh......," Caitlyn stares at Pantheon's muscles, unable to speak.

"Miss Caitlyn? Aren't you going to introduce me?," Pantheon said as the female fans screamed even louder when he spoke.

"Yeah.... yeah.... OH... ummm so what made you so interested in cooking? You never look like those guys who's good at delicate buisness..... you look more......," Caitlyn said as she was again distracted by Pantheon's muscle.

"Well as you know, I've always wanted to become a bak...."

"Well thank you for your time, you can get back now," Caitlyn said interrupting Pantheon (she was signalled by the director that she needs to get rid of him ASAP or else she's fired)

Pantheon dropped his head low and stomps out backstage.

"Well we've already shown the most beautiful and the most handsome, and now it's time for the most ADORABLE thing you'll ever see, I want everyone to scream as loud as you can for our next competitor, the mascot to our league, the cute and furry CAPTAIN TEEMO!!!!!~," Caitlyn said as even more female fan screamed for teemo.

Teemo waddles in with his mushrooms and blow-gun, carrying several recipe schrolls.

"AHHHHHHH, even I can't resist his furry cuteness," Caitlyn said as she hugs the cute yordle and carried him.

"Ummm, well thank you for the warm welcome, I'm really excited to be here!~," Teemo said in his usual happy and energetic voice. The crowd have gone hysterical at this point.

"Hurry up and get rid of the cuteness machine, or else the crowd will actually break through our barrier and get on the stage, just to get close to Teemo!!," Mr.Director said to Caitlyn through his headphone.

"Well.......uhhhh..... it's time for you to go backstage teemo," Caitlyn said while everyone said "awwwwwwwww" when Teemo waddles to backstage.

"Of course, we can never forget about the cutest girl in our league!~ Let's give a "WARM" welcome to ANNIE!~" This time, a lot of male fans screamed while ripping open their jacket to show "I<3Annie" shirt.

Annie skips in to the stage whle holding her precious teddy bear, tibbers.

"I didn't know you cook Annie, I always thought you're too young ("then again, I thought you were a harmless little girl till I battled you....." Caitlyn thought to her self)"

"Ahaha, Tibbers will prepare the food while my fire will instantly cook them!~" Annie said in her sweet and innocent voice.

"Well, that certainly sounds interesting, I hope you do well," Caitlyn says as she gestures annie backstage. Annie skips backstage, while waving-bye to everyone.

"That's just 4 of our competitors, we'll be right back with the rest after these messages!~," Caitlyn said as the show closed to commercial.

(Break time)

"Argh, that Teemo and Pantheon was too much, they made us wasted time so we can't introduce all the champs in that one part," Mr.Director said when suddenly, a blade flew past his face and onto the camera behind.

"Do not embarrass me again, this is your last and final warning - Irelia" it said on the note.

Mr.Director sweats and shouted "Cameraman A!, get me another camera, and stop zooming in on Irelia, we're not little kids you know!"

"I told you to stop......" Cameraman A whispered to himself.


(Also, why isn't there anyone replying Q_Q, is my work bad? It's my first so I hope people can at least give some criticism, so I can at least improve)

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heh heh this is pretty funny, cute little teemo XD

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@.@ CAN'T wait for the theme ingredient :O what will it be !

Good job :] this is funny. (ireliarage LOL)

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I'll Post up part 3 during the weekends, stay tuned~

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"WELCOME BACK to the show that makes you tingle with excitement, I'm Caitlyn your hostess, and this..... IS LEGEND CHEF ! LEAGUE EDITION!!!!!"

"We are now introducing our 2nd half of competitors who will compete for the title of Legend Chef, but also 1 MILLION ip!!!!!~," Caitlyn yelled as the crowd goes wild for both the ip, and the contestants coming up.

"Let's introduce our 5th contestant for this evening. Now, this contestant is a really good friend of mine, and well, all I can say is that the 5th competitor will always illuminate everyone, making everyone smile. LET"S GIVE IT UP FOR OUR VERY OWN!!!!," Caitlyn said as Cameraman A appears, giving Caitlyn an envelope. "Ms.Crownguard was switched at the last minute," Cameraman A whispers to Caitlyn as he quickly dissappears back to where he should be.

"OH, it appears we have a last minute substitution, well let's give it up for....," Caitlyn said as she opens the envelope, "..... GAREN!?". The crowd "huh-ed?" at the same time, while Xin Zhao did a spit-take.

Garen appears wearing a beautifully designed chef outfit, all layered out with demacian fabrics, showing the symbol of Demacia.

"Uhhhhh.... sooo....... what happens to Lux?..... I thought she's the one who's cooking...."

"Oh hoh hoh, Luxanna can't cook at all, she only entered for the money, but I on the other hand is a talented chef," Garen said with a pleasant smile as he took a step back.


A lazer beam made of light shot all the way through the stage and hitting the same spot Garen was 1 second ago.

"AARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHH," you can hear very clearly of a girl screaming in anger.

"Oh, don't worry about Luxanna, she's having her "Teenage Girl" issues, you know how it is," Garen said as he took another step back, and another lazer shot out again.

Caitlyn stood there speechless, frozen with fear. Finally, she musterred her courage and finally said "Mr..... Crownguard.... If you can kindly leave the stage before we all get blown to bits...... please, I beg of you...."

"Oh but...."

"SHUT UP!!!!!," The summoners sitting in the bleachers angrily yelled at him, but you can hear the fear through their voice.

"Ok......," Garen said as he slowly departed towards backstage.

"AAAAAAHhHHH choooooo!!!!," Rammus suddenly sneezed at his house. "Sigh, it's not always good to be so popular, I guess I'll go sleep more," Rammus said to himself, but in reality, he only muttered "Ok", and he went back to his bed.

(Back to the show)

"Next, we have the girl who can kick anyones butt, while looking fabulous doing it, let's welcome the Fist of shadow, AKALI!!!!~," Caitlyn said as ninja fans yelled for her to come out and do her signature move, shadow dance.

Akali came out, wearing a casual, no coloured cloth that looks like any peasants, looking as unemotionally as normal.

"Soooo, Akali, what makes you want to join this competition, I never thought you would compete for money or titles, cause I clearly hear you say those things are meaningless shallow objects that only makes you weak or something......," Caitlyn said in distain as she remembered how Akali said that her title for sheriff is nothing much unless she can prove it...... (in the end, Akali beaten Caitlyn 17 times.....).

"It's not so much the rewards that inspired me to join, it's for my training, Shen said I lack social skills, and I need to learn it," Akali said, unfazed and emotionless, while her penetrative emerald eyes looks at Caitlyn, without ever blinking.

"uhhhhh..... welll.... you.... can..... go now..... and...... can you stop staring me like that?.... it's creeping me out," Caitlyn said as she puts her hand over her face, trying to block Akali's haunting stare.

"Shen said you can connect easier if you gave eye contact," Akali said, clearly misunderstanding the meaning of "eye contact".

"Poof!", Akali suddenly disappears in a cloud of smoke, and the ninja fans went crazy over that beautiful show.

"Now now, quiet down, we still have 3 more competitors. Let's bring out our 7th competitor, who is the one who can always rift away form people, or chase them to their death. Let's welcome the Void Walker, KASSADIN!~"

Most of the audience roared in happiness, but some of the summoners (those void religious ones) boo-ed at him for always messing with the Void.

"So, Kassadin, I've never knew you cooked, you don't look like it.... in fact, you don't look like human at all.....oh! I'm sorry," Caitlyn said as she suddenly remembered that Kass was turned this way by the Void.

Kassadin chuckled, "No worries, I'm already used to it. Now back to the question, I actually never cooked before until recently, where I discovered that if my nether blade were to touch the food, it makes it delicious, no matter what."

"Well.... uhhh.... that sounds interesting!," Caitlyn said in a very high pitch, she always does that when she lies, "Well... you can go back now"

"Oh ho ho, Miss.Caitlyn, seeing how Miss.Akali did her little theatre act, I believe I should too," Kassadin said as a bright purple energy surrounds him, then fades away in a second, with Kassadin no where to be seen. The crowd went wild over those mysterious disappearing acts that have been performed, but the Void religious summoners still boo-ed (although some were flabbergasted by Kassadin's ability)

"Well, it's time to welcome the most oldest of all champions, she who is both skilled and deadly. Yup, you guessed it, it's the cryophoenix, ANIVIA!~"

People cheered as they saw the most beautiful and rare thing they have ever seen personally. Anivia was truly shining with the lights hitting on her smooth, icy skin.

"You sure made an entrance Anivia with your light show, so can you cook, I mean fire is your enemy right?"

"Aha ha oh, I'll assure you that any fire is no match for my ice, and as for cooking, I'll have you know that being the most ancient being, I have knowledge of ancient food that even Nasus doesn't know," Anivia said confidently.

"That's just jolly! Thank you for your time," Caitlyn said as Anivia flew backstage.

"Speaking of ice, we are reminded of the icy land of Freljord, and the king, so put your hand together for the man who can single handedly destroy the enemy team without dying, the Barbarian King (I should I say Freljord king), TRYNDAMERE!!!!~" This time, Ashe did a spit-take.

Tryndamere walks in wearing a beautiful white robe made with from the best weavers of Freljord.

"So, Tryndamere, why did you join the Legend Chef ! League Edition?"

"For starters, I would like to show to my wife that I can cook better than her"

"NO YOU"RE NOT, STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF AND FRELJORD!!!," Ashe screamed out with rage that can compete with Tryndamere's, she looks as if she is going to burst and explode with her fury.

"Now now honey, "COOL" down," Tryndamere said as the crowd laughed, and the camera was about to zoom-in to Irelia when Mr.Director risked his life and blocked the camera's view (the camera is on the boardwalk above the stage), begging Cameraman A to not take Irelia's picture.

"Well, I think we should let you happy couple discuss your personal issues, but other than that, thank you and I hope you do well"

"Oh, I have no need for hope, I only need to wait until my name is announced," Tryndamere said cockily as he walked backstage.

"There you have it folks, the 9 competitors who will compete for the ultimate title, and the money that will last a life-time. For all of you who have just tuned in, the 9 competitors are : Morgana and her Sinful Succulence, Pantheon and his baking obsession, Teemo and his neon colored shrooms, Annie and her scary bear, Garen and his might, Akali and her ninja-styled cooking, Kassadin and his weird looking blade, Anivia and her ancient knowledge, and finally, Tryndamere and his dignity of a chef. What will be our themed food today? Who will win our contest? Who will be embarrassed for the rest of their lifetime? What kind of drama, comedy, romance, horror or anything weird awaits us? BE SURE TO WATCH THE NEXT EPISODE OF LEGEND CHEF ! LEAGUE EDITION!!! I'm your hostess Caitlyn, and we shall see you next time!~"

(The music plays and the lights dims as the trailer for next episode shows)

"Next time on Legend Chef ! League Edition"

"What kind of mystery themed food awaits us?" (the picture shows everybody gasping as the mystery food (it's blackened out) shows on the big screen)

"What has happened to our champions?" (the picture shows morgana raging and throwing dark energy balls to everyone, another shows anivia saying stuff (it have been censored) and everyone gasping)

"Why is Teemo so adorably cute?" (Shows teemo jumping up and down while giggling)

"All will be revealed on the next episode of Legend Chef ! League Edition, see you then!"

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Yesssssssssssss more, I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang, this cake is great, its so delicious and moist.

(Portal reference ftw.)
Lol this gets funnier every line, keep it up . I feel sorry for the guests....Garen AND Tryndamere cooking... >_____>"