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new player having launcher problems

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ll flyinghigh ll

Junior Member


hey, i just downloaded this game yesterday from getting alot of good feedback from friends.

But my problem is ive, installed it the way it shud be in (:c) not in program files but my lol.launcher doesnt let me do anything i start it and it just seems to keep waiting for the sever status, news and community. it doesnt let me go to options or logs or close. i have to close through task manager

plzzz help i really wanna play ive been a big dota fan for a long time

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Cold Logic



This question would probably be more suited to the technical guys over at the Help and Support forum located here;-


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what status does it give?
if it's unavailable or busy you might check your firewall settings and make sure it has the proper authorizations. baring that i would recommend following Cold Logic's suggestion and check with the support team.