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I've been playing jungle Shyvana since she is free but I can't seem to make her very effective.

She is a fast jungler and very fun to play I have to admit. However in team fights I feel pretty useless. She has no CC and not a huge amount of damage either so I'm not really sure what my role should be.

I tried more tanky and ended up being useless and I tried more damage and ended up dying a lot.

How do you build this champ and what role do you play in the team?

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AD powerhouse. Max W with one point in Q and one point in E, then max Q, then max E. Always jungle or solo top with her (I recommend solo top because she has no CC so her ganks are barely better than a low level warwick).

Wriggles Lantern
Merc treads/ninja tabi
Frozen Mallet
Wit's End/Ionic Spark
Infinity Edge
Atmas Impaler/misc item.

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I have been playing her in ranked this week and am 70% win with her so far.

I build her a little differently from standard.

Start with regen bead and 6 HP's (or 4HP's and ward).

I take 21/9/0 masteries, attack speed reds and quints (+25% AS) and armor yellows/MR blues.

Get W to start obv.

Ninja the opposing team''s red first off and let your team take your blue. You can usually get red easily enough (leaving one small lizard) and then either (A) continue to counterjungle on that side leaving them one ghost and one golem before goingback over or (B) go back via the nearest lane ganking with red buff on the way.

Of course if you suspect they will be on the look out for you stealing red you can start at your own, but you can sneak in at the last moment (you don't have to sit there in the bush laying boxes like Shaco) and you have a 30% speed buff + big dmg on W ready as well as your ghost or flash if needed, so unless their whole team catches you you'll be unlucky to die...

With one regen bead and 4-6HP's you can stay out jungling/ganking for as long as you like usually. You clear super fast. Pump W whenever possible.

Try to keep red up as much as you can (never miss a red whether in their jungle or yours if you can) and try to co-ordinate ganks with a laner with a stun or decent slow...

On first trip back I usually buy emblem of valor (super cheap 15% lifesteal and regen) and sorc. boots (that's c.30% magic pen already - you hit hard and clear even faster).

With emblem up you can now speed thru each side's jungle and gank at will on max HP's. Very safe jungling.

Of course I tend to buy a lot of wards too -but the speed I can clear critters means I'm making decent coin whether or not I am getting a lot of kills.

I then build Sunfire and Abyssal.

Those give me big Health, AR and MR, add 35 points per sec to my now maxxed out W (85+35=120 aoe dmg per sec just standing there - that is as good as 3.5 stacked sunfires dmg-wise) and push my effective magic pen up through the roof.

This also presents a big problem for the opposing team in team fights. You dive into the middle and what to they do? If they focus you, you are pretty tanky and will take some time to drop. They can dump all the cc they like on you and it doesn't shut off your dmg - sure they can kill you after a few seconds but your carries then just mop them up - helped of course by your armor and MR reduction effects on the opposing team. Too tanky to kill quickly, far too much damage to this stage in the game you are one scary dragon - and not many other junglers are going to look foward to 1v1 vs you in the jungle either...

I then tend to go Warmogs and Atmas and one other item to fit needs.
I either get rid of Emblem or build to Starks depending how much it helps the team.

The Atmas (with the huge bonus dmg) is just what is needed to boost late game dmg (as the face melting from W + sunfire tends to tail off towards the endgame esp vs the tankier champs).

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I go 9/21, as reds, ms quints, armor yellows and mr blues.

I max W, then E. E has better scaling then Q what with the armor debuff and all. Though I grab a point of Q at level 2. I start at Red and then immediately gank bottom, this has traditionally worked really well. I give blue to whoever needs it whenever it's up.

I start with cloth and pots, building Wriggles and Mercs as fast as I can. I take a dip into their jungle to steal wraiths and golems whenever I can.

If ad is giving me issues I pick up a doran's shield, otherwise I'll go straight for Wit's and Phage. I'll also get the appropriate for the situation parts for Ageis. I'll get whatever is appropriate for a 6th, though unless I'm super fed or the game is just long I don't always have to get something.

With this I have enough health and MASSIVE amounts of both Armor and MR to handle any situation, as well as being able to still deal painful amounts of damage.