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Any good Rammus builds?

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Junior Member


I have been playing rammus alot recently and was wondering if anyone had any good builds for him. I tend to go with armor, health, and/or regen based on what my opponents are doing.
Open to suggestions.

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Hefty Sak

Senior Member


rammus is a good counter to an AD heavy team and is not as viable against a large amount of Magical damage.

on SR, he's best at jungling until 4 then ganking like crazy.

generally, he is an initiator with great CC, so you build survivability. but if you stack some serious armor he can do a 200+ dmg per autoattack as well.

Core items:
boots should either be Mercs or Ninja Tabi depending which you need more in your game
Randuin's Omen (don't forget to use the active)
Aegis of the Legion
[game determined situational items]
Abyssal Sceptre (last item you buy)

Philo Stone - if you fall behind, need to give up blue, or are laning
Thornmail - great combined with passive and W if they have a lot of AD champs

Otherwise consider more MR or CD.

Marks: Armor or Armor Pen
Seals: Dodge or Armor
Glyphs: MR per level
Quints: Flat Health

recommended summoner's: Smite and Flash

if not jungling, Flash + whatever floats your boat.

as rammus, you are really looking to Q chase, then flash behind them, and after crashing into them, taunt with E, then press W&R for safety+more dmg. this is especially useful at your own turret and nearly always nets a kill.

rammus excels at chasing, defending turrets, and killing enemy turrets. his mobility is amazing.