[Champion concept] OzH The Oceans Jaws

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will post more , if ppl like it.review,suggest , etc

Champion Stats:
Damage: 40 (2+ per level)
Health:390 (110+ per level)
Mana: 210 (+34 per level)
Move Speed: 310
Attack Speed: 0.57 (+.6 per level)
Armor: 14 (+1.2 per level)
Magic Resist: 35 (+4 per level)
Health Regen: 2.17(+.14 per level)
Mana Regen: 1.54 (+.8 per level)

Champion Skill Set:
[Passive] life leach: every nearby champion makes ozh grow in size,while stealing 4/7/10 ad from enemy and ally champions. up to 4 stacks.

['Q' Ability] rip-current : Ozh's hand morphs to a ball an slaps itself around target and pulls to himself.if the target has more hp then Ozh then the arm breaks mid pull and does 1/2dmg
Range: 600
Mana: 80/90/100/120/140
Cooldown:12/10/8/7/6 seconds
Damage: 50/75/125/150/200 (+.2 per ad)

['W' Ability] Splash : Ozh summona a cloud that drenchs target area and slows for 4 seconds.
Range: 550
Mana: ////
Cooldown: 5
Damage: 30/50/85/110/150 (+.3 per ap)

['E' Ability] gift of the tide : ozh heals team members around him at expense of his own hp for 3 seconds.
mana:70/60/50/40/30 per second
Cooldown: 12seconds
Heal Per/Second: 30/50/70/130/180

['R' Ultimate] Jaws of OzH:ozh lays down a fog that hides him and he lunges at target champion takeing a bite and healing him self.
Mana: 120/130/200/
Damage:90/180/300(.6/.1 per ad/ap)
duration:5 seconds