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The reason I didn't play longer than 2 days

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The game is decent, its not special, DotA sucked, HoN sucked, and LoL sucks too.
Noone is going to pay 30 bucks for this game, and as soon as you install it, its like waiting for a giant ass to take a **** on your face. Some nerd told me this game is fun, its ass.

Everytime you join a game and play with people, I always hear **** like

"w0w u suk fukin ****ur we lost da gaem cuz of u! fukin loser ***! l2p!!"

Its full of racist 13 year olds,
and if they lose, they don't understand the concept of a game, just because they get picked on in school cause they suck at sports.

Yeah, if you're good at this game, chances are you suck at sports, life, girls, anything really. Noone is going to spend 15 hours a day playing the game to level up/get good.

The summoner level **** is stupid too, level 30? that would take 500+ games to reach, each game being like 40 minutes long... I don't have that kind of time are you serious?
Characters are imbalanced, melee/ranged + %attack speed > every single caster

It becomes imbalanced with mastery/runes/glyphs/whatever.
People who nerd 24/7 have the advantage over new players
They can make 2000 gold before I can make 500 gold, they spend 50% less time dead, and make 20% more experience than I do.
Grow a brain, level 15 + "l33t itamz" > level 10 with starter items

And thats pretty much why I didn't buy/keep the game installed.

To the creators:

If you guys are trying to compete with Blizzard North


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No one is forcing you to play.
And, none of your points are valid.

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On the upside, LoL can be absolutely free - they don't expect you to pay money for things and their business model is based on the fact that most people won't. And for a free game, it's pretty fantastic.

But yeah - the community can be pretty bad sometimes. For what it's worth, it does tend to improve at higher levels. In the meantime, though, it could use some work.

If there's even part of you that's still interested in playing, a lot of newb helpers run organised practice games for new players without a lot of the bull**** that goes on in regular games sometimes.

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Pretty funny rant. I really hope this was humor.

FWIW, level 30 takes maybe 200 games (unless you play nothing but Practice games) on SR. The only real advantage to leveling up is more masteries and runes, but the matchmaker keeps you against relatively even level competition (you ARE playing real games, not practice games, right?) so that's not too big a worry. Balance wise, the game is relatively balanced - anyone can pubstomp with practically any champ against newbies, though, and the easiest way around that is to play real games and let the matchmaker keep your opponents at similar levels of play.

If you think DOTA sucks, you will definitely think LOL sucks - it's a MOBA. If you don't like the way some players behave, join the crowd (&& send screenshots to [email]harassment@riotgames.com[/email])

So... I'm not sure whether this post was meant to be a joke, but if it wasn't... well, educate thyself. Or go play Call of Duty/World of Warcraft/whichever.