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Cool unusual specs.

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I just read trough all the posts, and... I think my opinion of the internet got even lower that I could expect.

@OP: It's nice to post new builds, but you should explain more how they work in the first post. How to work early, mid and late game, etc. Most people are too lazy to go trough 12 page of post to find it. And when you answer to idiot, as tempting as it is to call them idiots, don't do it. Most of the time, they're just trolling seeking for that and it doesn't make your argument more solid.

@haters: just stop. It's not by insulting people that you're going to make a point.

Wise words, its true but this is the first thread I ever posted in LoL forum so I didn't know there was a rule on how to post builds.

@ the idiots part, sometimes its too hard not too


@ lifesteal warwick.

Okay, you have some pretty darn good lifesteal, from bites and passive, and you decided you need to add even more lifesteal... I am pretty much, certain, this is -not- the best decision for your items.

See, stats compliment eachother, you need to understand this.

If you have 75 dmg per second and u add another 25 (975 gold) ... ur dmg goes up by 33%

Now you have 100 dmg, if you add another 25, (975 gold) ... ur damage goes up by only 25%... stacking the same stat does not scale... however

While having 100 dmg, you add 40% attack speed (1050 gold) ... ur damage goes up by roughly 40% still!

By using different (useful) stats, your stats keep scaling to their full potential.


It is the same story with lifesteal, warwick has waaaay more than enough lifesteal, giving him more is unneccacary... why not be satisfied with his amount, and instead, add a stat which compliments his lifesteal attack and ability.

Armor compliments lifestealing, because the stolen hp lasts longer. (aside from your usual hp)

Magic resist, same as armor.

Attack speed compliments the passive lifesteal, as it is based ONLY on each hit, and not on the damage dealt.

Cooldown reduction compliments both the passive lifesteal (by reducing cd on hunter's call) and the bite's lifesteal (by being able to bite more often)


See, by increasing these stats, you will be getting the usual benefits of having such stats, as well as increasing the effectiveness of warwick's already impressive lifestealing.

By simply adding more lifesteal, you will not achieve the same amount of effectiveness.


I hope this post helps you people understand how to think about which stats you should be getting, without the need to refer to cookie cutter typical recommanded guides.

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Neryth, no chogath will not get 4k hp with just warmog, and just because u get the impaler doesnt mean ur gonna be critting so often, warwick will still be doing much more damage than that.