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[Champion Concept]Maddox the Rasta Man

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So yea...

Lore: He is tired of the constant fighting going on and has decided to spread peace and love.

Base Stats:

Health: 420
Lung Capacity: 420
Move Speed: 419
Armor: 0
Magic Resist: 0
HP Regen: 1.5
Air Regen: 1.5

Recommended Summonors:

Anything will work.

Champion Abilities:

Passive: Smoker's Lung- After consistent moving for 30 seconds Maddox must rest for 5 seconds. While resting he regains 10 Lung Capacity per second.

Q Ability: Bong Hit- 100 Lung Capacity at all levels
Maddox takes a bong hit adding a buff that lasts for 3 seconds. While buffed Maddox plays "Buffalo Soldier" lowering the attack damage of all enemies and allies in range by 50.

W Ability: Stoner Circle - 200 Lung Capacity at all levels
All surrounding allies and enemys get in a circle passing around joints. All effected champions are supressed for 5 seconds.

E Ability: Badfish - 60/70/80/90/100 Lung Capacity
Maddox turns on his ipod and listens to "Santeria" reducing the cooldown on "Bong Hit" by 5 seconds.

R Ultimate: One Love - 100% Lung Capacity
Maddox plays "One Love" while all surrounding allies and enemies all take hits from a hookah. The game then ends in a giant orgy.


Plays "I Can See Clearly Now"

Plays "Bad Boys"

Plays "Pass the Dutchie"

Plays "Three Little Birds"

He should look something like this http://lh6.ggpht.com/-9V5rCR8YrcY/R_fBGGb2W8I/AAAAAAAAOxU/weOJhegNSCo/s640/bob.marley.02.jpg

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Magic Rasta

Senior Member


Bump. +1 Best idea ever.