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Magnotair, the brawler of Lokfar[freind of olaf!]

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Hero Wolf

Senior Member


Lokfar is a place where people are build on strenght and RAGE...
Is absolutely no exsepsion.

Role-Asassain, melee

Innate-Rageing brawler-
Magnotair uses rage, he gains 5 rage per attack and 10 per abilty used. He deals .5 damage per rage, he also gains 1 rage per attack sucsefully landed on him.

Magnotair quickly strikes his oppenent with three attacks that deal 33% attack damage in 1/.9/.8/.7/.6/.5 sec. For every twenty rage he gains 5% to his attack damage per punch.

Magnotairs next attack will knock the target in the air for .8/.9/1/1.1/1.2 sec. For every 20 rage the time in air is increased by .2 sec.

[E]Crippling punch-
Magnotair targets a oppenent and punches them in a vital spot with tons of force. They are crippled moving 10/15/20/25/30% slower and attacks 10/15/20/25/30% less attack speed. For every 20 rage the target loses an additional 5% movement and attack speed.

[R]Blinding rage-
Magnotair goes into a blinding rage and targets 1 enemy champion, he is determined to shred the target limb from limb with his bare hands, he deals 20% increased damage and does 10% true damage to the target. He also has 60/70/80% damage blocked from outside sources, during this he gains double the rage from his innate. For every 20 rage he gains 5% true damage.

In Lokfar many savage and feirce warriors live. Perhaps amoung the best fighters in Lokfar is Magnotair the infamous brawler. He was one of the best brawlers in all of Lokfar, it seemed he had no once of pain that he could feel. He quickly after starting becoming a brawler excelled to being a heavyweight champ. He after defeating one challenger went to a nearby tavern of the sort. There he sat down with the bezerker Olaf the now champ of the League. They both sharred storries and began to become good freinds. When His freind Olaf went missing Magnotair went in search of his best friend. he finnaly after a year of search he arrived in Valoran. When he found Olaf he was very happy to find him but olaf told him not to speak of Lokfar. He wished to fight alongside Olaf once again.

Heavyweight Magnotair-Will have no clothing besides something for pants, will have tons of scars and fresh looking wounds.
Brass knuckle Magnotair- Will have huge brass knuckles and heavy armor instead of medium armor.