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Harsiesis, the Light of the Sands

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Greetings everyone. This is my first time posting in the champion concept forums, but I felt the desire to share this idea I've had. So feel free to apply constructive criticism here.

Harsiesis, the Light of the Sands

Passive: Burning Light: Harsiesis has a 5%/10%/15% chance (Levels up at 6 and 11) to blind enemies for 0.5 seconds with his auto attacks. Blind effect can only occur once every three seconds per target.
Q: Gaze of the Sun: Harsiesis fires burning rays from eyes at a target enemy, dealing 70/135/170/210/250 (+0.9) magic damage. If he manages to attack the target within the next three seconds, they will be stunned for one second.
W: Helio Disc: Harsiesis creates a glowing area of effect that heals allies within over time for five seconds for 15/25/40/55/70 (+0.35) every second, and also raises armor by 10/15/20/25/30.
E: Sight Beyond: After a brief channel, Harsiesis gains the ability to detect stealthed units for a duration. He also creates a shield that absorbs 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.3) damage that removes the sight buff upon being destroyed.
R: Light's Wrath: Harsiesis envelopes himself in light for 15 seconds, gaining 300/450/600 health and dealing 50/125/150 (0.25) magic damage to all enemies. While in this empowered state, all damage he takes will heal nearby allies for 1/3/5(+0.45)% of the damage taken.

Lore: Hailing from the same world as Nasus and his mad brother Renekton, Harsiesis was among the first beings to be born a member of the bestial guardians. Blessed with an almost godlike sense of wisdom, he was meant to advise the grand leaders of their people. For ages he stayed true to his duties as an advisor and as a cleric, never straying from the path of righteousness. However, when the supposed protectors sparked a civil war within the hierarchy, he did not know where to stand, instead ignoring the situation out of fear.

During the battle that would go down in their history as one of the strangest spectacles ever seen, Nasus and his brother Renekton were torn through space and time to the planet of Runeterra. Harsiesis witnessed this, and decided the best course of action would be to retrieve Nasus, for he felt he was the only one who could set things right - if not to alleviate the atrocities on their homeworld, then to at least quiet the turmoil within Harsiesis.

The powerful cleric sought to replicate the spell that tore the Curator and Butcher away, ignoring the war and fighting going on around him that grew with each passing day. After many failed attempts, he too made his way to Runeterra - only he made contact in Ionia. After explaining his plight to the kind natives, they directed him to the Institute of War, telling him that both brothers he spoke of fought for the same order. With a heavy heart, he decided his world was well beyond saving, and that this world of lesser creatures would probably benefit from his aid more - if at least to keep Nasus and Renekton from destroying it in their fighting.

"Harsiesis? Ha! For all his power, the old fool never had the foresight to see the consequences of his own actions... he's just another one for the chopping block."


Appearance: Imagine Horus or Ra from Egyptian mythology, essentially - the head of a bird with the body of a man (albeit birdlike) garbed in Egyptian robes and such.

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Interesting idea for a hero. Ancient egyptian themes are always fun. :3

His title, I might suggest, could be a little different. I get he's connected to Renekton and Nasus, but I think two "of the sands" titles might be enough.

Burning Light looks interesting. It'd make him an effective fighter against ability spammers by disrupting them, but it requires him to get close. I like the idea!

Gaze of the Sun seems straightforward enough. Would it strike just the target, or perhaps damage units in a short line of fire? Would help a lot with farming. Some idea for the range of this ability would be good too.

Helio Disc is an interesting idea, a fixed-area buff that heals allies instead of harming enemies. Would it only work while you stand on it, or would the healing and armour buff follow you for a second or two once you stepped off?

Sight Beyond could work. Obviously the main advantage is to see stealthed units, but that's only useful if you fight the right heroes, and the shield doesn't absorb much damage. Perhaps it grants the ability to see stealthed units for only a fixed amount of time (say, eight seconds) but the shield absorbs more damage to compensate for that? Just an idea.

Light's Wrath looks perfectly fine to me. I'm assuming that the magic damage to "all enemies" is an aura much like the Sunfire Cloak? If so you might wanna look at that damage scaling system. 50 / 125 / 150 is a bit of a big jump at the start and not much at the end. 15 seconds is a long time for a buff to work, but the question then becomes, how long is the recharge time? All your skills need this, of course, but with such a long buff duration on the Ult it's needed even more.

Just a quick look down at the skills, but I think it looks pretty cool. I like the lore and character idea, and I'll look forward to seeing more detail. :3

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Aren't they making a stealth rework?? That all champions have the ability to see stealth champions, in a certain range. But if they do, sight beyond might be kinda useless, unless the range is higher than the given range to see stealth champs. Btw great concept. I hope to be seeing more details.