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New mechanic concept

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Let me start by saying by no means am I trying to break the game with this champ, I just think this would be a very cool mechanic and I'm willing and ready to discuss balance, actual gameplay, and anything else you guys want. Sorry in advance for the small novel this will be. There will be a tl;dr at the bottom for those of you who want the short version.

The idea is a new mechanic that balances 2 sides to buff or debuff spells and abilities. I would love to see this implemented on the next 6300 hard mage carry or maybe super amazing support. There are a few different ways I'm seeing this work out and still allow players to have a very high ceiling. For all examples I'll use fire and water as the 2 halves for sake of simplicity.

The Idea:
As a framework take the idea of Akali?s passive in terms of balancing two halves and have that be the center piece of this champion. Let's assume pre-critical number Q = some fire ability W = some water ability E = some neutral ability and I'll get to R in a bit. Assuming you max the fire spell first you will push the fire stat out farther resulting in a more damage based (mage) build, if you max the water spell first it will result in a more healing/support focused build. For every fire spell or water spell you cast there could be some meter or buff to see how far one way or another you are. This way if you cast an equal amount of fire and water then you're going to be so-so with both specs to help with the way this champ scales through the game. After some critical number of casts or some other milestone, or whatever you enter a pure elemental state which changes the spells to fit whatever role you decided on. If you're going fire then your fire spell would be stronger your neutral spell would become a fire spell and the water spell would become some kind of utility/weaker damage spell/set up for your main fire spells, the opposite applies for other side.

As for the ultimate, pre-critical number it would temporarily push you to whatever elemental state you're closer to and give you the same skills/abilities as if you were actually there. Maybe they could be watered down a little just to not make it IMBA? Post the critical number it would buff the spells to a... "past pure elemental state?" to allow you to be either crazy mage or crazy support for X many seconds. Maybe it could become a new spell entirely, like a massive fire aoe, or mass shield for all allies within X yards of you? I don?t really know, I?m just throwing out the idea.

Assuming the more spells in school X you cast the caster you get to the end? model there could be some +1/2/3/4/5 fire for every fire spell as you level it up and same for water. Maybe there could be some bonus or perk or something to the way the neutral spell works if it comes before/after the fire or water spell. If for instance the neutral spell is just a small nuke, if it comes after a fire spell it becomes a little better nuke/or maybe pushes you closer to fire at a slower rate than the pure fire spell. Under the water side maybe it will shield an ally or add some other utility support-like buff? I?m not sure what this champions passive would be simply because it would have to have some feed from what spec the player decides to go.

This is a very technical champion so mastery of it will not be easy. Similarly to when Orianna came out completely new mechanics will take some time to get under your fingers. Similarly assuming this idea gets picked up in some capacity it's going to take some time for Riot to figure out balance/how this champ fits into the game. I?m not sure how to control this champs scaling through the game. One idea I had was to have stacks of fire or water accumulate similar to any snowball item/Cho?s ultimate and when you die you lose some of them. At the same time if this hero is geared towards mid-late game carry it really sucks to lose all your usefulness because you get ganked once or twice or get focused down hard in a team fight. So there needs to either be 1. Some on death mechanic to slow this champs stride toward either elemental state or 2. A well paced way for this champ to reach the pure elemental state via # of casts or something.

Other thoughts:
1. Maybe there could be some debuff that gets put on enemies that if they die and the last spell they were hit by was a fire spell then this champ gets closer to fire or something.
2. Would be cool if in game this elemental changed colors the closer it got to its pure state.
3. Instead of going for a pure elemental form there could be a mechanic where the champ gains stacks of fire and water for every fire/water spell cast. The ultimate consumes the stacks and increases the dmg or utility of next fire or water spell, something similar to Le?Blanc?s, but the increase is proportional to the number of stacks instead of just being straight damage?
I?ll try to monitor this thread to see if there are any comments or concerns or new directions to hash out. I think this would be a really cool mechanic to have I?m just not sure specifically how.

New 6300 mage champ that is centered around 2 halves, one damage, one support. Players strive for some critical number of something at which point champ goes into pure elemental state of either damage or support and spells change to that role. Spells break down pre-critical point 1 damage, 1 support, 1 neutral, ultimate that pushes players into temporary pure state of whatever side they are closer to. Post critical number 1 hard damange/support, 1 weaker damage/support, 1 utility/setup for other 2 spells? Ultimate that either deals massive damage or mass shielding to allies within X yards of champ? Ultimately I want to see a champion that changes depending on what spells you cast as you attempt to balance or focus on the two halves.