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**Champion Concept** Ekzy the Dominator

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Just a little idea I had for a champion, also I haven't a clue what I'd do for values and such. Hope you Enjoy! ( Yes its named after me) Give me some feedback please!

Name- "Ekzy the Dominator"

Role- Support/Mage

Passive- Charisma-
All gold earned by Ally champions is increased by 2, also increases neutral minion buffs on Allies by 15%.

Q- Otherworldly Knowledge-
Cast on Enemy- Overloads the Target's mind with incomprehensible knowledge, silencing them for 1 second.

Cast on Self/Ally- Ekzy Unlocks secrets of combat knowledge within the Target's mind, Increasing their Ability Power and Attack Damage.

W- Psychic Wave-
Ekzy sends out a cone of Psychic energy, dealing magic damage and slowing all who are hit by it.

E- Infiltrate-
Ekzy Projects the Target's greatest fears into reality, doing instant damage and fearing the Target for 1.5seconds.

Ultimate- Dominate-
Ekzy dominates the mind of his Target, doing damage over time and suppressing his target. While Dominated Ekzy has control of the enemy champion, using them as a minion lasting 5 seconds.

I picture him wearing street clothes (kinda like Ezreal's attire) with a long black coat with purple runes all over it. This coming from his story im still working on, basically he was just and average kid who then figured out he had a special niche for bending people to his will by manipulation of his Psychic abilities. Eventually using his abilities into Adulthood to gain wealth and power, but keeps his regular attire to not forget his humble roots.

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Asher Kendrell

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So the passive is Twisted Fate's, plus the neutral buff duration. That doesn't seem very fair for TF.