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[champion concept] Traldus the pathmaker

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ill probably add more to this later but this is a rough idea to start

champion details
-has a body covered in runes like ryze(different runes of course)
-specializes in making portals and teleportation
-mage support


when Traldus uses an ability he and nearby allies gain 5/15/25% increased movement speed for 4 seconds

Q-Portal trap 12/10/9/7/6 second CD
Traldus lays a portal on the ground at target location, when an enemy steps on it they are knocked up in the air for .55/.65/.75/.85/1 seconds, recieving 80/120/160/230/300(+65% of AP)damage on landing. Traldus can maintain a maximum of 5 portals that last for 6 minutes

W-Meteor shot 10/9/8/7/6 second CD
Traldus opens up a portal to space shooting out a meteor that deals 70/110/150/220/310(+70% of AP)damage to the first target it hits stunning them for .75 seconds. the meteor has a range of 800

E-Guiding path 22/20/17/15/12 second CD
Traldus teleports target ally to his location giving them a damage shield for 5 seconds that can absorb 50/100/150/200/250(+50% of AP) magic damage. (can be used on himself for just the shield)

R-Discombobulate 180/150/120/90/60 second CD
Traldus teleports to target location knocking back all nearby enemy champions and dealing 150/200/250/300/350(+60% of AP) damage

of course this is just a rough idea let me know what u think,