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Mac Users

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First of all, I used google to find this thread and I'm not sure if there's a Eurupe and US forum.
If there is I need the EU forum.

I've been playing using Bootcamp, but it's been down for two weeks now, and I cant't seem to figure out the problem. Me and my friends has estimated that the problem accured just about the time when there was a large update of the whole game.

It's been working perfactly well for several months, but now what happen is: the terminal starts (can se it in the task manager), but before it starts searching for updates it's closing down. I don't get any errors or anything, it just close down. and i can do it again and again with the same result.

the funny thing is - and that's why I think it's a problem that lies with Riot, is that it's only on the EU server it happens (I had also the US client on my computer).

I uninstalled, and reinstalled everything that had anything to do with LOL, including adobe air but with no luck. Now I tried it a couple of times - including regenerate windows to before the problem accured (windows apperently has a function that does that).

any help would be apriciated, and any ideas to what I could do will be apreciated


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To those that have the there should already be a mac version of LoL, you should read this. Before I start, I am a Mac user too.

There should NOT be a Mac version yet for one reason. PC's make up lver 90% of the market and macs only make up 3-5% of the market. PC support because of this takes precedence over mac anyhing because they aren't exactly missing out on a LARGE list.

Also Warcraft III has nothing to do with this because they go out to make the statement, "League of Legends is different from DotA because it is NOT bound by the Warcraft III engine."

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but a compatible LoL without using a bootcamp is realy nice.
despite about the market shares and all that, i love my Mac, i use it for work and personal use, and i prefer to run everything on my OSX.

so please Riot, so far you guys have always listen to us, please make us proud once more!

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Here's the thing though - even though as others have said before PC's make up 90% of the market share, you have to remember that the large majority of these computers are issued for business purposes and are otherwise not utilized for gaming. The Mac gamer market not only exists but is growing in strength and represents a worthy expansion to Riot Game's player audience. Mac owners on average have a higher income and therefore are more likely to invest in the mini-transaction virtual items that make LoL economically viable. It is not a question of "is PC market bigger than Mac" as the two do not need to compete; rather by not investing in the development of a Mac client, Riot chooses to send out the message that it does not care about these players. Positive P.R. is key to the development of a franchise - just ask Blizzard.

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Who cares about Macintosh anyways? xD

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Who cares about Macintosh anyways? xD

People that use them maybe?

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I would very much enjoy a native Linux client. I would even be willing to help port the game myself in my spare time.

What I'd like to know is whether Riot wrote the game using raw directx, or an abstraction layer that generates or translates to directx. In the latter case, it's fairly easy to swap to an opengl API instead.

Anyway, I wish more companies would begin their game development in a UNIX (ie Linux, Mac, BSD) environment so that it is completely cross-platform from the start. (They will always have Windows compatibility in mind when developing...) There is some overhead in maintaining multiple build targets, but the code itself should always abstract out platform-specific sections.

Lessons from a seasoned Software Engineer.

I do business with a software engineer who told me something similar when I had asked him why some companies produce games on directX only. He told me off the record that PR departments like to site target audiences when in reality they lack the development knowledge of other API's or OpenGL.

I asked him what advantages DirectX would have on OpenGL and he told me it was apples to oranges. Knowing both he said Opengl is actually easy to develop for but that it was up to design team to create a driver package which performs well... which puts more stress on their knowledge/experience. He said D3D managed the hardwares resources so that there was basically less room for error, but also said that hes seen a few ingenious tricks in opengl code to attack complex rendering on subpar systems.

I walked away from that conversation slightly gratified but more disappointed. Windows users would have us think we were inadequate because of software availability but the truth is we are on a more stable, secure, and complex platform. This engineer assured me that OpenGL was superior in that it did not depend on any programming language and could be made using any language and that its only limitation was the developer..... Thats how he held his job through this recession he told me, because he was one of the few at his firm with that experience/knowledge.

Sadly, what if Riot doesn't have engineers who are familiar with Opengl? Cider seems promising because I too have played a few games on it, but usually those are bug ridden. = (

I read an earlier post talking about market share and mac users..... as if this was 1990. I don't know what rock that guy lives under, but every university ive been to (4) is loaded with students who sport macs. Every movie I see has someone sporting the Apple in the background. And the last time I checked, Apple's stock was more than 9x Microsoft's worth.

There is no difference in hardware anymore. Its been this way for years, unlike some hobo's who live in the weeds would tell you. Its simply a massive movement of people who refuse to use pathetically written inefficient software whose focus is on monopolizing the market rather the quality of the product.

Furthermore, next time you read about the different marketshares, perhaps you should consider the piracy involved in them. Do you know anyone who doesn't hate windows and pirates the **** out of it and all of its titles??? Or have you ever been to an apple store, slam packed, with people in love with the products ready to drop mad cash.

You create for apple, your creating for us. We have cash and we will buy your product..... The collector's edition.

Do the same for windows..... You'll be another torrent file in a week.

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The amount of people that have obviously not read the thread is hilarious, just posting "Oh Riot please make LoL run on Mac" people have constantly repeated what the posters for riot of said over and over and they themselves have repeated selves to a stupid extent, **** me at least read the thread.

they have bigger problems, like the EU client/Forum (which currently is broken or windows(!!!!OMGWTFBBQ) Lulz.

Love from the EU population that plays LoL

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As for requiring a windows CD, I must confess I am unfamiliar with Macs/Bootcamp personally, but I was under the impression that you didn't need a code. I could easily be wrong, or the person could have been accidentally (or purposefully) pirating it. I don't know.

Bootcamp is a repartitioning and boot management tool, nothing more. It doesn't grant you a free copy of Windows of any kind.

<justsayin>I wonder how many people would just ignore a game that was only out on OS X or some variant of Linux?</justsayin>

That said, it's not uncommon for games to exclude the mac as a build target, so this isn't exactly eating babies here. We gotta speak our peace though.

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Yea I've since been enlightened on that, thanks for the clarification though!